Justin McIntire: Following the shooting death of Brackenridge’s police chief, the community expresses its sorrow

(KDKA) BRACKENRIDGE, Pa. A shooting in Brackenridge has resulted in the deaths of one police officer and the injury of another

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Police Chief Justin McIntire of Brackenridge, Colorado, who had been in the position since 2018 was shot and murdered on Monday during a confrontation with a suspect. Unidentified second officer was wounded in the leg. the suspect, 28-year-old Aaron Lamont Swan, allegedly fled the scene in a carjacking on Monday night and was subsequently murdered in a gunfight with police in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood.                                                                        Following McIntire’s passing, the neighborhood and local authorities are expressing their sympathies 

A hero’s goodbye
Author: Lauren Linder of KDKA-TV

Brackenridge experienced a terrible day on Monday. Police Chief Justin McIntire, who was shot and killed by Aaron Lamont Swan on Monday in the borough, is mourned by the locals, according to the authorities. In the shootout, another cop sustained injuries and was brought to a nearby hospital.McIntire was remembered by law enforcement officers from all throughout Allegheny County as the medical examiner removed his body from the site.Ryan Barr, a resident of Brackenridge and a friend of the chief, stated, “I started breaking down myself.” It was difficult to hear. Barr attended the same high school as McIntire’s son, and the chief briefly served as his football coach. Barr stated, “I’ve known his son since I was five.” We have been close family friends for a long time. McIntire worked his way up the ladder and was appointed chief of Brackenridge in 2018. He spent his entire life, according to Barr and others in the area, helping others. He’s been well-known in the neighborhood for a very long time, according to Barr. He has worked hard and kept this community secure for a long time Praying for McIntire and his family Fetterman. The death of Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire was described as “tragic” by senator-elect John Fetterman. Fetterman wrote on Twitter, “This is extremely awful.” ‘Police Chief McIntire gave all to protect his neighborhood. He and his family are on Gisele and my mind this evening

The ultimate offering”
Chief Justin McIntire, according to the Kittanning Police Department, gave “the ultimate sacrifice.” “We offer the Brackenridge Police Department our prayers and thoughts. Two police officers were shot while on duty, with one of them giving his life to protect the neighborhood “According to a post on the department’s Facebook page

police in the area respect McIntire
Local police departments expressed sorrow over the loss of Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire on Monday in the line of duty. The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter, “Our hearts go out to those whose lives have been forever changed by what happened today and we stand with law enforcement from throughout Allegheny County and throughout western Pennsylvania in support of the family, friends, and colleagues who are grieving their loss.”

Parade held in honor of dead officer
Police Chief Justin McIntire of Brackenridge, Colorado, was laid to rest in a procession on Monday night. He had been shot and murdered earlier in the day.

In Pennsylvania, US, a gunman kills one officer and injures another

Authorities in Pennsylvania are searching for a gunman after a foot pursuit near Pittsburgh on Sunday ended with one police officer being shot and killed and another being injured 


Davis, Shapiro tweet their sympathy Following the death of Police Chief Justin McIntire in a firefight with a suspect, Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro tweeted his condolences to the Brackenridge community. The tragedy that occurred in Brackenridge today serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the bravery of those who risk their lives every day to defend us. In order to keep Pennsylvanians safe, Police Chief Justin McIntire raced in the opposite direction of danger and paid the ultimate price for the good of the city. “Chief McIntire and his family, as well as his colleague officer who was hurt while on duty tonight, are in my prayers. May the memories of Chief McIntire bring you blessings. With Monday serving as a “heartbreaking reminder of the threats that law officers confront in places like Brackenridge all across our Commonwealth,” Lt. Gov.-elect Austin Davis also expressed his condolences. He continued, “I’m praying for the family of Police Chief Justin McIntire, who gave everything to defend his city, and for all members of law enforcement who work tirelessly to keep the public safe.”

During a foot pursuit of a wanted person, Chief of Police Justin McIntire was shot and killed close to the intersection of Brackenridge Avenue and Morgan Street The individual had eluded the Pennsylvania State Police during a traffic stop the day before and was wanted for a probation violation involving guns. The next morning, during a traffic stop in Harrison Township, he then escaped on foot. He was spotted at the line separating Tarentum Borough and Brackenridge Borough at around 2:00 pm, and for the next two hours he led police on a foot pursuit. He started shooting at police in the 900 block of Brackenridge Avenue and then again in the 800 block of Third Avenue, killing Chief McIntire and injuring an officer from Tarentum Borough

The man opened fire on both cops before stealing a car and driving into Pittsburgh. After a car chase, he escaped into the woods and started shooting at the responding officers. He was hit by retaliation fire and killed. Exact four years prior, Chief McIntire had taken the oath of office to lead the Brackenridge Borough Police Department Within a few blocks of one another, two gunshots took place in the community of Brackenridge in Allegheny County, which is northeast of Pittsburgh. After the shootings on Sunday afternoon, the gunman carjacked a vehicle, according to acting police superintendent Victor Joseph, who said the man is “very dangerous.” Officers from various law enforcement organizations were searching for a suspect, identified as 28-year-old Duquesne resident Aaron Lamont Swan. Swan was sought for a parole violation involving a weapons allegation, according to police spokesperson Christopher Kearns.

During the pursuit of a man wanted for a probation violation on Monday outside of Pittsburgh, a police chief was tragically shot, and an officer was also injured, according to Allegheny County authorities. the defendant, who was wanted for a probation violation involving guns, was found at 2:00 p.m. on Monday in the Brackenridge region, about 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, according to Christopher Kearns, the superintendent of the Allegheny County Police. After 4 p.m., the man opened fire on two police officers as the police pursued him on foot throughout the neighborhood, according to Mr. Kearns.

After being shot in the head, one police officer passed away immediately. Another police officer was shot in the leg and sent to a local hospital, where, as of Monday night, Mr. Kearns said, he was still in stable condition. Justin McIntire, the police chief of Brackenridge, was the officer who was fatally shot, according to the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office. The injured officer’s identity is unknown

The suspect was identified by the police as 28-year-old Aaron Swan from the Duquesne neighborhood in southeast Pittsburgh. According to Victor Joseph, the assistant superintendent of the Allegheny County Police, Mr. Swan is thought to have attempted to flee the scene after the shooting by carjacking a 2014 Subaru Legacy According to Mr. Kearns, the shooting spurred a hunt for Mr. Swan by a number of departments, including those from the local and state governments

Mr. Kearns stated at a news conference later on Monday that police later located the carjacked vehicle in the Pittsburgh region. When they attempted to halt the car, the driver made an attempt to elude them, which started a chase. According to Mr. Kearns, the driver of the car ran after it crashed into a nearby forested area. After firing at police officers, the suspect ran away from the wooded area to elude capture, according to Mr. Kearns. According to Mr. Kearns, the suspect was hit by the police when they opened fire and died at the scene.

According to local media, dozens of law enforcement cars participated in a procession for Chief McIntire on Monday night the passing of Chief McIntire, according to Pennsylvania’s incoming governor Josh Shapiro, is a “devastating reminder of the bravery of those who put their lives on the line every day to defend us. “Chief McIntire was described by Mr. Shapiro as having made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the community According to the borough’s website, the Brackenridge Police Department has four members: a chief, a sergeant, and two other officers.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on social media stating that “the little towns that dot the map of Allegheny County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have special relationships with their police departments.” “The police department in many of these boroughs and townships may only have a chief and a few other officers. The senseless killing of Brackenridge Chief Justin McIntire earlier today will reach into and rip at the very soul of the small town because this is the situation in Brackenridge Monday’s shooting that left a Pennsylvania police chief dead also left the accused shooter dead, according to investigators .Authorities reported that Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire was killed and another police officer was hurt. The wounded policeman was shot in the leg and is currently being treated in a hospital. According to Allegheny County Police Superintendent Christopher Kearns, investigators were looking for Aaron Lamont Swan, 28, of Duquesne in connection with the incident. Swan was known to frequently visit the Penn Hills neighborhood, he added.

Officers located Swan at 2 p.m. and pursued him on foot because he was sought on a probation violation involving a firearms charge. Another foot chase started at 4:15 p.m. when a Brackenridge police officer spotted Swan near the 800 block of Third Street, according to Kearns. During the chase, there were two shootings that happened close together, and two officers were wounded. According to Kearns, McIntire had a head injury .After the shootings, Swan is accused of carjacking a vehicle .Swan came across Pittsburgh police detectives while driving the stolen car, and they attempted to pull him over. He continued driving without stopping, and Swan is accused of crashing the vehicle into a housing subdivision before running away.

He allegedly fired on the officers as they fled the crash scene, and they returned fire. Swan was struck and died there, according to the authorities. According to Allegheny County police, investigators found two distinct handguns, one at the location of the Brankenridge incident and the other where Swan was killed All three shootings, including the one that claimed Swan’s life, will be the subject of investigations, according to the authorities. The murder of McIntire was a “devastating reminder of the bravery of those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us,” according to Josh Shaprio, the incoming governor of Pennsylvania

He tweeted, “Police Chief Justin McIntire made the ultimate sacrifice in service to community. He ran towards danger to keep Pennsylvanians safe.”John Fetterman, a prospective Democratic senator, also discussed his thoughts on the tragic shooting This is very terrible,” was tweeted. Police Chief McIntire gave everything he had to protect his neighborhood.22 miles northeast of Pittsburgh is the tiny Allegheny County borough of Brackenridge. The police department has been contacted by Fox News Digital

Police claimed on Tuesday that the shooting that killed Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire was the result of an ambush by suspect Aaron Lamont Swan Jr Following an extensive search that spanned the entirety of Allegheny County for several hours, a Tarentum cop was also shot and hurt in BrackenridgeAccording to Allegheny County police, Pittsburgh police shot and killed the suspect, 28-year-old Aaron Lamont Swan Jr., in the area of Brushton Avenue and Mohler Street around 7 o’clock.

Swan was sought after for violating his probation.

On Monday, the event started about 2:00 pm. Swan first came into contact with Harrison Township police. For several hours, police pursued the suspect on foot in the area. A Brackenridge policeman came upon the suspect in the 800 block of Third Street at about 4:15 p.m.