For asset accounting, additional G/L accounts


In addition to AO90 Account Determination, this post explains how to determine the “Additional G/L Accounts for Asset Accounting” Integration with General Ledger.

Including general ledger integration We frequently allocate balance sheet accounts, special reserve accounts, and depreciation accounts using the AO90 configuration to establish the G/L Accounts to post the Asset Transactions in Asset Accounting.

Please follow the setup instructions and test scenario below if you want to use Additional G/L accounts for Asset Accounting instead of the AO90 configuration settings.

Post the accounting entry for asset retirement by scrapping using two different G/L accounts.


  1. choosing the G/L Account from AO90 Account determination for retirement with scarping in the default configuration (Loss made on Asset retirement without revenue)
    OBYD Configuration: Retirement for Physical Verification Deficit (New G/L Account)
  2. Situation in Case 2 Businesses do asset physical verification six months or a year for each site. If any assets or a certain quantity of assets are lost according to the records, they must be retired with a different G/L account in order to calculate the total amount lost.

Please adhere to the setup listed below.

First, create a new transaction type for the retirement of the Asset Physical Verification Deficit.

The following steps are in order: SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Asset Accounting -> Transactions -> Retirements -> Define the Retirement Transaction Types

Create the new transaction types by copying the transaction types 200 and 250.

New Transaction type Z00

Please update Acquisition in the same year after generating the new transaction type for the current year; in this example, I used Z50.

Physical verification for the current year Transaction Type Z50 for Retirement

Assignment of the extra G/L Account for Asset Retirement for Physical Verification in Step 2.

Code for transactions: OBYD.

To add additional accounts for asset accounting, select the transaction ANC.

Update the G/L Account with General Modifier

Step 3: Create new posting plans for retirement with physical verification.


Create a new schema by copying the standard schema “SAP 200 007”

Create the new Schema

Click on Characteristic values after selecting the new schema.

In step 2 for sequence 90, select the Account assignment standard accounts for asset accounting ZIT3 and save it.

Step 4: Assign the updated posting schemas to the relevant Transaction Types

VC T093h01 for SM34

Select “Maintain”

Click on the assignment line items after selecting the pertinent nation.

The new schema established in step 3 to the new transaction types created in step 1 and save

Testing Case 1

Asset destruction due to a lack of physical verification

Code for Transaction: ABAVN

In the further details tab, choose the Transaction type Z50 for the current-year retirement.

Display the Document

Accounting entry: For asset accounting, the G/L Account selects from the Additional G/L Accounts rather than from AO90.

AW01N Display Asset

To view the accounting record, click the line item

Situation 2

Choose from the AO90 configuration to post the regular asset retirement by scrapping with transaction type 250 G/L Account.

Accounting entry

Check the G/L Account that was obtained from the AO90.


In addition to the AO90 configuration fields, we would like to use other G/L Accounts in asset accounting. This standard configuration will enable you to add additional G/L Accounts for asset accounting without enhancement.

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