As version SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2105, asset postings are ledger-specific in accordance with Universal Parallel Accounting. The apps for publishing assets now have appropriately modified user interfaces. Postings’ legacy data transfer has also undergone alteration.

You can use the ledger as a selection criterion on the selection screens of the posting apps to limit a posting to a ledger. The accounting principle is presented just for your information. Additionally, you do this each ledger when you show a journal entry, simulate a posting, or change line items.

Figure 1 shows how the app’s Post Acquisition (Non-Integrated) – With Automatic Offsetting Entry feature simulates the acquisition of an asset.

All ledgers now allow postings with quantities. A quantity posting is now automatically posted to all ledgers when you make one. Quantity postings are updated in each ledger in the applicable depreciation category for the balance sheet. You can post several amounts for each ledger, just like when posting money amounts. All quantity posts are made to the general ledger’s global journal. You may view the quantity of an asset per ledger and depreciation area in the Manage Fixed Assets app.

Figure 2a: Asset Valuation showing journal entries for partial retirement with quantities, exclusively posted for ledger 0L of the Manage Fixed Assets app.

Figure 2b: Asset master record showing total quantities per ledger for partial retirement with quantities, only uploaded for ledger 0L of the Manage Fixed Assets app.

Both the posting applications’ interfaces and those for settlement of assets under construction have been modified. There is now a screen area where you may choose the ledgers and depreciation areas in the Define Distribution Rules – For AuC app’s Line Item List for Distribution Rule. The items that need to be resolved for the chosen ledgers and depreciation sections are listed in the screen area below.

Figure 3: Define Distribution Rules – For AuC’s Line Item List for Distribution Rules

Finding out which original document is the foundation of a settlement as well as which portion amounts have already been resolved and how is now simpler.

A historical data transfer of postings that is ledger-specific is now also performed. Both the automatic transfer using the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit and the manual transfer using the software Post Transfer Values – For Legacy Asset have been synchronised. You transfer the values to the relevant depreciation regions by choosing the appropriate ledger in the Post Transfer Values – For Legacy Asset app.

Figure 4: Post Transfer Values – For Legacy Asset: Entry of Cumulated Values in App

The programme Post Transfer Values – For Legacy Asset now gives you the option to choose the automated currency conversion during the legacy data transfer, much like with the automatic legacy transfer.

A new migration object and template for asset postings are now available, allowing for automatic asset posting transfers utilising the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit.

As of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2105, the global journal of the general ledger is where all derived depreciation areas’ transaction data is kept. A data migration is carried out as part of the release upgrade to achieve this. No customer engagement is required because the data movement is automated.

The above-mentioned updated and additional features offer greater flexibility and uniformity for posting and reporting parallel values in asset accounting.

See the What’s New topics for Asset Accounting in the What’s New Viewer or the PDF document for more details.

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