This blog post outlines the settings needed for Asset Master to automatically generate when an Equipment Master is generated, and vice versa.

We’ll navigate to SPRO’s Asset Accounting > Master Data > Automatic Equipment Master Records.

We’ll go with asset category 2000, “machines.”
Selecting the right Equipment category will be done in the asset class window that opens next. I’ll use M, or “Machines,” for this demonstration.

Choosing immediate synchronisation after saving in both drop-down menus is a good choice.

Now we’ll use IE01 to generate an Equipment. M will be the equipment category.

The Asset field is greyed out since it will be generated automatically because we have chosen category M, which matches the customisation options.

The asset was created automatically as we saved the equipment and is visible in display window AS03 at this time. Through the subsequent path in the “More” option, we can additionally confirm the connection between the asset and the piece of equipment.

Asset master was created from Equipment master, and the two have been connected.

We’ll now attempt it the other way around by constructing the Asset First using AS01. We’ll utilise asset class 2000 because it has been customised.

Enter the description and the cost center then Save. As we save, the Equipment master is automatically generated.

We can also double check the link between Asset and Equipment through the following path in ‘More’ dropdown.

Equipment master was created from Asset master, and the two have been connected.