Introduction: The reduction in the original invoice value is known as a credit memo. If less products are delivered, you were overcharged, an item is defective, or for any other reason, you must post a credit memo. The goal of this essay is to concentrate on calculating the credit memo’s net due date.

Net due date = baseline date + credit period

The baseline date is the point at which the calculation of the due date begins. Document date, posting date, entry date, and no default, for instance (manual entry).

Credit period means for how many days credit is given. 0 days, 30 days, 45 days.

We use 0002 terms of payment for original invoice posting. 0002 is assigned in the vendor master LFB1-ZTERM field.

The document date serves as the baseline date for this payment term, and the credit period is 30 days.

1.1 Payment Terms and Supplier Master Data

Post Vendor Original Invoice – FB60 and line item display FBL1N

1.2 Vendor line item report after FB60 posting

Scenario – 1

Post vendor credit memo – FB65 and vendor line item report FBL1N

In this case, the document date is taken into account as both the baseline line date and the net due date. Vendor credit memos go under document type KG, while original vendor invoices fall under document type KR. Credit memo payment terms are not specified. It is a simple credit note posting without the use of the fields Credit Payment Terms or Invoice Reference in the vendor master, which will be discussed in Scenario 2 and Scenario 3.

1.3 Credit memo and original invoice posting line item

Scenario -2

When publishing a credit memo, enter the original vendor’s invoice number in the box Invoice reference. The baseline date, credit duration, net due date, and terms of payment from the original invoice are automatically copied into the credit memo.

1.4 Credit memo posting

Scenario -3

In the field for credit memo payment terms in the vendor master data, we can provide different terms of payment or the same terms of payment as the original invoice. In this, the credit memo payment term is 0003.

1.5 Credit memo payment terms

Now post vendor credit memo – FB65

1.6 Posting date as baseline and due date is picked

When publishing a credit memo, the credit memo payment term selected from the vendor master. The baseline date is added in order to determine the right net due date, although it only takes into account the net due date and ignores the credit period. The posting date has been chosen as the starting point date for the 0003 payment term, as was previously discussed.

If we want payment term 0003 works as per setting, we need to add symbol V in the Inv. Ref. field in the credit memo while posting.

1.7 Symbol V is used in the field REBZG

Conclusion: We can also do enhancements in addition to the typical method for the net due date computation of a credit memo. Please read the remaining articles from the PTP cycle procedure to incorporate planned delivery expenses. | Blogs SAP