In 2004,Senator  Stabenow Declares she won’t run for Re- election


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Deborah Ann Stabenow, née Greer, is an American politician currently serving as the senior United States senator from Michigan, a position she has held since 2001. Her full name is Deborah Ann Stabenow (/staebna/ STAB-now). She was a Democrat who won the 2000 election, unseating incumbent Republican Spencer Abraham to become the state’s first female U.S. senator. She served as the 8th congressional district’s representative in Michigan in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1997 to 2001 before being elected to the Senate. She formerly held positions in the Michigan State Legislature and on the board of commissioners for Ingham County. In 2006, 2012, and 2018, Stabenow won reelection to the Senate. Upon the retirement of Carl Levin in 2015, she was elected as the state’s senior U.S. senator. The Senate Agriculture Committee was presided over by Stabenow from 2011 to 2015 and once again since 2021. In 2017, she was elected to lead the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. After Representative Fred Upton announced his retirement at the beginning of the 118th Congress, Stabenow became leadership of the Michigan congressional delegation. She declared in January 2023 that she would not run for office again in 2024.

Early years of life, education, and employment
Stabenow was born in Gladwin, Michigan, the daughter of Robert Lee Greer and Anna Merle (née Hallmark). Her upbringing was in Clare, Michigan. She was the first female class president at Clare High School when she graduated and served as the class president of her junior year. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1972 and a Master of Social Work with honors in 1975.

Only Thomas W. Ferry and Stabenow, both natives of Michigan, have held seats in both chambers of the US Congress and the Michigan State Legislature, respectively. She was also the first state legislator from Michigan to be elected to the U.S. Senate by the general public[18] (until enactment of the Seventeenth amendment to the United States Constitution in 1913, U.S. Senators were selected by the state legislature)When Stabenow was chosen as the Democratic caucus’ secretary on November 16, 2004, she rose to the position of third-ranking Democratic senator in the Senate She supported Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in formulating the Democratic agenda and priorities while serving as the caucus secretary. Dick Durbin, a senator, was chosen as the opposition whip the second-place Democratic position. Reid announced in November 2006 that Stabenow would step down from her position as caucus secretary to succeed Hillary Clinton as chair of the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee. This position is responsible for “engaging Democratic Senators and community leaders across the country in an active dialogue The Gun Lake Trust Land Reaffirmation Act (S. 1603; 113th Congress), introduced by Stabenow on October 29, 2014, would reaffirm the legal status of lands that the Department of the Interior had placed in trust for the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band.  The bill would make it clear that the Carcieri v. Salazar ruling by the Supreme Court precludes legal challenges to the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band’s land trust. claimed that since she was at the Capitol during the September 11 attacks, she had not experienced so much terror. Congress reopened its session to certify the election after the Capitol was safe. Stabenow backed the accreditation. The day following the incident, Stabenow demanded that Trump be impeached or forced out of office immediately by using the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Foreign affairs
Stabenow was one of 23 senators who voted against approving the use of military force in Iraq in October 2002.Stabenow joined 34 other senators in April 2019 to send a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to “listen to members of your own Administration and reverse a decision that will damage our national security and exacerbate conditions inside Central America.” The letter claimed that Trump had “consistently expressed a flawed understanding of U.S. foreign assistance” since taking office and that he was “personally undermining efforts to promote U.S. national security a” The senators stated that aid to Central American nations reduced immigration to the United States by aiding in the improvement of situations in those nations

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WASHINGTON— Sen. Stabenow declared in the following statement that she would not run for re-election and will resign from the U.S. Senate on January 3, 2025: “I have made the decision to hand off the Senate to a new group of leaders after being inspired by them. I’m announcing today that I won’t run for re-election and will step down from the U.S. Senate on January 3, 2025, at the end of my current term. I was elected to the Ingham County Commission in 1974 at the age of 24 as a member of my own new generation. This started years of breaking down barriers, blazing new paths, and being the “first” woman to achieve historic milestones as an elected official because she was the youngest and the first woman to head the board official, having the distinction of being the first female senator from Michigan. But I’ve always thought that being first is insufficient unless there are also a second and third.

There were just eight women in the State House and none in the State Senate or other high-ranking positions when I stood for the State Legislature in 1978. There are 15 women in the Senate and 44 women serving in the State House this year. The top three statewide elected positions are held by women, and the State Senate has its first female majority leader! “In spite of the extraordinary dangers to our democracy and fundamental liberties, Michigan saw a record-breaking turnout at the polls last year. More young people than ever before attended. This gave me a lot of optimism for the future “Made in Michigan,” I declare. My passion for this magnificent state has a strong influence on my work. or preserving our Great. I am proud that my accomplishments have improved people’s lives and laid a solid foundation for a healthy and prosperous future for our state, whether it be through the development of lakes, the transformation of mental health services, or ensuring that our state can continue to produce goods and grow goods to be competitive in our global economy.

“I am completely focused on completing this crucial work to enhance Michiganders’ quality of life during the next two years. This includes facilitating the passage of the upcoming Farm Bill, a five-year law that sets the direction of our country’s food and agricultural policies. It is essential for safeguarding our water and land as well as for generating employment in both urban and rural areas. “I am incredibly appreciative of the faith the people of Michigan have shown in me. The best team in the US Senate, my amazing staff, deserves a special mention as well. They keep raising the bar for customer service in Michigan and the rest of the nation “When my term is over, I intend to start a new chapter in my life, continuing to serve our State outside of political government while spending priceless time with my incredible 96-year-old mother and my great family,” she said.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, a Democrat who has served in the Senate for more than 20 years, has said she will not run for reelection in 2024.”I have made the decision to hand the U.S. Senate torch off to a new group of leaders after being inspired by them. I’m announcing today that I won’t run for re-election and will resign from the U.S. Senate on January 3, 2025 “In a statement on Thursday, Stabenow stated Stabenow, 72, was first elected to the Senate in 2000 after serving in both the Michigan state Senate and the U.S. House Stabenow said after thinking back on her career and the circumstances that led to her choice, “A record number of people cast ballots in Michigan last year despite the fact that our democracy and fundamental liberties are facing unprecedented threats. More young people than ever before attended. This gave me a lot of optimism for the future.”



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Stabenow, who is the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, stated that she will concentrate on adopting laws that will enhance the lives of her constituents in the remaining years of her term. “I will be putting all of my attention into advancing this crucial effort to better Michiganders’ lives over the course of the next two years. Leading the next five-year Farm Bill, which establishes the nation’s food and agricultural policies, is one example of this “She spoke The open Michigan Senate seat is a top priority for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in 2024.

Twitter criticizes Senator Debbie Stabenow for advocating electric vehicles and saying, “Let them buy Teslas” amid high gas prices.


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“Even without a campaign chair, Senate Democrats are already dealing with a significant retirement. In 2024, we’re going to go after this seat hard. The first of many Senate Democrats who decide to resign rather than lose might be this one “In a statement, NRSC communications director Mike Berg stated Republicans won’t win the seat in 2024, according to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), which campaigns to elect Democrats to the Senate According to DSCC spokesman David Bergstein, “Democrats will control this Senate seat in 2024.” “In 2022, Michigan Democrats earned tremendous statewide victory.

An unnamed Democratic source in Michigan told Fox News that “Democrats have a deep bench in Michigan” and cited statewide successes in the November elections, but she refused to name any specific candidates who might seek to succeed Stabenow The Detroit News quoted Stabenow as saying, “Global warming generates instability,” on August 10, 2009. When I’m soaring, I can feel it. More erratic storms are occurring. More tornadoes and hurricanes are the price we are paying. She has, however, voiced opposition to California’s improved fuel efficiency standards, greenhouse gas emission reporting requirements, and regulations governing greenhouse gas emissions The 2011 SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act was supported by Stabenow  She was charged with participating in “the pro-polluter frenzy sweeping the U.S. Senate” by Think Progress in March 2011. The organization claimed that the legislation was being used as a vehicle for senators seeking to prevent regulation of greenhouse pollution from oil refineries, coal-fired power plants, heavy industry, and other significant emitters. Stabenow has joined three other amendments with her own to Defining her proposal as “a common-sense approach that allows protections from carbon pollution, determined by scientists and public health experts, to continue being developed while giving businesses the support and incentives they need as they reduce pollution, produce new clean energy technologies, and create jobs,” is how she describes her amendment.


2016 saw Stabenow interact with Ross School of Business students.
Reengaging Americans in Serious Education Act (RAISE UP Act), presented by Stabenow in 2011, calls for the Labor Department to fund initiatives that assist “disconnected children” in earning diplomas, degrees, and professional certifications. She co-sponsored a plan in 2012 that would have increased the amount of money available for Pell Grants and frozen student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent Stabenow introduced the Reducing Educational Debt Act in 2016 along with other people, and she pushed it using the hashtag #InTheRed. “DeVos and her family have a long record of supporting policies that I feel have significantly weakened public education in Michigan and failed our children,” she said in reference to Betsy DeVos’ nomination by Trump as education secretary.

While in office, Stabenow assisted in the opening of 10 community health facilities in Detroit Planned Parenthood gave her a perfect score in 2017; the National Right to Life Committee gave her a poor grade in 2013She “promised to demand the pharmaceutical industry decrease the price of prescription drugs, to retain Social Security benefits and to give Medicare a new prescription medication plan” during the 2000 election campaign. The pharmaceutica sector, she claimed, “makes up to 20 percent net profit each year…on the backs of families, elderly, and businesses,” and she vowed to “attack the pharmaceutical and insurance industries—the two industries that spend the most money lobbying federal authorities.” According to her spokeswoman, the pharmaceutical business spent more money campaigning against her than any other candidate in the most recent election. S