To remove a property from the COPA data structure, follow the steps below. If information is displayed under the characteristic value.

1) Remove every characteristic assignment from the KECM TCODE.

2) Using Classical debug, remove characteristic values from all clients (CE1***, CE4***, AND CE4**** ACCT) in the same landscape (you can take the help from abaper)

3) Eraser TKEOE TABLE value

4) The characteristic can now be moved from the data source.

5) Using SE11, remove the characteristic from the following structures: OMKAKE, KOMPAKE, COPAFIELDS, COPACRIT, and COPABBSEG.

6) Following that, KEA5’s characteristic can be deleted.

I did it, and it worked perfectly. I have something to share with you all. But the procedure is unpleasant. The answer is “YES,” even after the data has been provided using the aforementioned processes.