I kind of “stumbled” onto this S/4HANA on premises feature for using Analysis Office (in this case, 1909). I believe it is a fantastic tool, especially for users of finance.

Start by launching an analysis workbook using the S/4HANA transaction RAAOE.

I selected the Asset History Sheet query

At the selection screen, most of the prompt values are already populated

This is what is returned by default

Turn on pause refresh to save trips to and from the S/4HANA server

Move account determination to the background filter

Move asset number to rows

Click the Pause/Refresh from the ribbon again to refresh the query

Result is the asset history sheet in Excel by asset; a possible audit schedule.

Look through the results of the above search for “asset” for amusement.

So it’s wonderful that all of these inquiries are “out of the box.” You only need authorizations and the Analysis Office, of course.


How do you feel?