When entering the name of the BP into the search field, the informative message “No existen cuentas” appears in FB60. No other indicators of the message’s cause are provided by SAP’s assistance.

The user continues manually entering the Acreedor code and other information, but the message still appears.

Error code FB60: F5A066

When looking at the search field used by the Acreedor in the BP transaction, it is clear that the idea used is different from what the user entered.

BP Transaction

It clears up the user’s uncertainty by indicating that other users are permitted to do searches directly in the search field for advertisers (ACCNT).

When reviewing the form, it is clear that the checkbox for “Complete search by interlocutor” is checked under “Options > Treatment Options.”

Options for treatment (FB60)

After deactivating this check, the user can conduct their search right in the relevant field.