We will learn how to conceal information in transaction MIGO pertaining to “Vendor,” “Material,” and “Quantity” in this blog article.

Users having the given role will be able to view the field value due to the use of a PFCG Role for the authorization check. Data will be safeguarded by masking, clearing, or disabling the field if a user does not have this role, indicating that they are not permitted.

Unauthorized users will see the following outcome:


“Protecting sensitive data on SAP GUI screens at the field level is possible with the help of “Field Masking for SAP GUI.” Field Masking for SAP GUI is a product that is supplied to the customer as an add-on. The customer system must have Add-on UIM 100 installed in order to implement role-based masking.

Information pertaining to “Vendor,” “Material,” and “Quantity” in transaction MIGO must be hidden using role-based masking.

Maintain Masking configuration

Set the field’s technical information (table name–field name) for masking.

By hitting “F1” on the field, you can obtain the Technical Address of a GUI field.

Follow the given path:
SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Field Masking for SAP GUI -> Masking Configuration->Maintain Masking Configuration

  • Follow below mentioned steps:
  • Click on “New Entries” button
  • Enter “Table Name” as “GOHEAD”
  • Enter “Field Name” as “LIFNR”
  • Enter “PFCG Role Name” as “ZTEST“. In this example, we have used a blank role “ZTEST”. Customers can use any role as per their requirement.
  • Check “Masking Control” checkbox”
  • Click on “Save” button



Follow the above mentioned steps and maintain masking configuration for following entries:

Mass Configuration
For the above entries, “Mass Configuration” report should be executed which is required to generate technical addresses.

  • Follow below mentioned steps:
  • Select the entry
  • Click on “Mass Configuration” button
  • Click on “Select All” button
  • Click on “Generate Customizing” button
  • Save the information

In this blog article, we learned how role-based masking may be used to conceal information in transaction MIGO relating to “Vendor,” “Material,” and “Quantity”.


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