In the system’s Material Price Analysis, we occasionally discovered “Not Distributed” items when running Actual Costing (CKM3). This is an illustration of how Value Flow Monitor can be used to evaluate not distributed price differences (CKMVFM).

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1. SAP Note 908776 – Not allocated, not distributed, and not included

2. SAP Note 744090: Value Flow Monitor: Justification and Suggestions

Here is an illustration of a circumstance when pricing differences are not distributed:

Insert Material, Plant, and Period/Year in CKM3N after opening it.

Launch CKMVFM in a different session.

Fill in the blanks:

1. Company Code 

2. Content

3. Plant 

4. Period

5. Year

6. Select your display material with differences that are not distributed or included.

7. From the DB Extract>Read Extract menu, select Write Extract, then enter the Name.

Execute the report

Select the material after that, then click the Not Distributed icon to see further information. View: There Are No Distributed Price Disparities

This is the equation.

We now understand the origin of the Not Distributed Price Differences.