You will need to manage transports for every project you undertake because you move objects all the time. To be able to identify the Transports connected to a specific Config Object Value, such as a Plant, Company Code, or Sky is the Limit, would be amazing. In SAP, we have a lot. The modifications that are made magically are all included in configuration requests, and the magicians are SAP functional consultants.


Both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA can make advantage of this.

Visit SQVI. In SAP S/4HANA, SE16H is also usable.

Make the following query using a table join.

Now Create the following Table Join.

This is the report’s format.

The selection screen is shown below.

Let’s say I want to view every entry for Plant 1710. I’ll use table T001W because it’s a plant. Using T001 if it was Company Code

Below is the result for Wala.


This will assist you save a tonne of time when determining what the transports have moved and what is missing, as well as when looking into problems.


This version is in video form.


How Can I Identify the Exact Transport Moving a Specific Configuration?


Every consultant should use the SAP Expert Transport tool SE03.