There are two ways to submit a bank statement item automatically now that SAP S/4HANA has included Processing Rules. either through a processing rule or a posting rule.

How to determine which bank statement items were uploaded by which technology is a topic we are asked frequently. You’ll learn how to quickly find this out in this blog post.

This blog post’s screenshots were all collected from a system running SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208. Of course, both SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud systems can use this technique.

Let’s say your business added two automated reprocessing rules to the Manage Processing Rules app alongside the pre-delivered posting rules:

Image of the current Processing Rules

Eight elements from a bank statement were imported and fully processed. Reprocess Bank Statement Items: It can be seen there.

Images from a bank statement

By selecting the columns on the settings wheel, you can quickly add the posting rule and processing rule columns to the list:

image showing the adding of rule columns

An expanded screenshot with columns

Applying a filter to the relevant column will only show bank statement items that were handled by the processing rule. For instance, simply choose the Filter icon by right-clicking the Processing Rule ID column header. You can now specify that you wish to see only the items from your bank statement using the processing rule “not empty”:

screenshot with processing rules filter

Please remember that the input field requires a space.

You can now view all of the bank statement items posted according to processing rules:

selected things from a screenshot of a bank statement

You’ve now seen how simple it is to determine which pieces of information on a bank statement were posted using which technology. I hope that working with Processing rules is made easier for you by this example.

What are your thoughts on this? Was it beneficial? What additional subjects pique your interest? Please remark and let me know.

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