Knowing the Configuration Path of a Specific Field in SAP is really helpful. This aids you in locating the precise configuration location where you can do the configuration of any specific Field that SAP has specified as a Config item.


We’ll demonstrate how to locate the Configuration route for the Purchasing Group in the Purchase Order Screen in this blog post. To Transaction Code ME23n, we proceed. After selecting the Purchasing group Field in the Org Data tab of the Header, follow the steps below and press F1.

Click Customizing to continue. If this icon is deactivated, SAP does not recognise it as a configuration item.

Choose the following choice.

Here, we have every Configuration Item that makes use of a Purchasing Group.

Select the Green Arrow Button under the Purchasing option to continue.

Here is the IMG route, and we are now executing it.

This is the view where the purchasing group can be created.


Both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA can make use of this solution.

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This version is in video form.