Knowing the SAP configuration path for several fields is really helpful. This aids you in locating the precise configuration location where any configuration item should be configured. If a reader doesn’t want to use the IMG, this blog also includes the specific transaction codes for certain configuration items. Since they can regulate the various IMG paths based on Transaction Code, the SAP Security Team would adore it.


We will demonstrate how to obtain every Configuration Item for the Purchase Order Header Table in this blog. This blog can also be utilised with several fields and tables.

Everyone is familiar with how to write an ABAP query, and believe me, SCN is full of them.

Just in case, here is a link.

We first create an ABAP query using the Join Condition listed below.

The selection screen is shown below.

Layout is seen below.

Check the output for Purchasing Group in Purchase Order down below (EKKO-EKGRP)

Here is the result. Now duplicate the transaction code

Let’s now examine the Transaction Code.

We can now go to the precise transaction code to keep the purchasing group up to date.

The transaction code for doing that is SM30->V 024

Select “Maintain”

The output is shown below and is identical to that for Transaction Code.

We now want to view every item that has been configured for the PO Header Table.

Wala The Output is shown below. Given that the SAP system maintains the Company Code in a number of modules, you must be knowledgeable enough to choose the item that is pertinent to your process area.


Both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA can make use of this solution.

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Here is the video rendition.