When we write an ABAP Query report in SAP, we typically download it to our local file before sending it to a large number of recipients. You can skip some of these steps by sending emails directly from the ABAP Query Report thanks to the assistance of this blog.



We start by looking at Transaction Code SQVI.

Choose an ABAP query. To learn how to create an ABAP query, click the link below.

Please press F8 on your keyboard to execute after choosing the query.

Execute now based on the Parameter from which you want the Report’s details.

Select the option listed below as soon as you can.

The Compose Email Screen appears. Type a Text in the Body and provide the recipient information as indicated below.

Click the Send button as shown below.

Let’s check the outgoing email by heading to Transaction SOST right away.

Here is the submission. Hit display after highlighting it.

Click Attachment to continue.

The output that will appear in the email attachment is shown below.


Both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA can use this solution.

Here is the video rendition.


Using an ABAP query, send email



From SE16, send emails (Data Browser)