Concept and business plan

IKEA’s mission is “to improve people’s everyday lives.” Our company’s mission is to “provide a wide variety of thoughtfully created, useful home furnishings at rates so low that as many people as possible will be able to buy them.”

IKEA, a Swedish-Dutch multinational business with headquarters in the Netherlands that creates and distributes ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, decor, home accessories, as well as a variety of other products and services, is pronounced in Swedish and  in the US. The largest furniture shop in the world since 2008, IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. The group’s name is taken from an acronym made up of the founder’s initials, those of his birthplace hamlet of Agynary in southern Sweden’s Amland, as well as those of his family farm Elmtaryd.

IKEA products were sold for €38.8 billion (US$44.6 billion) in the fiscal year 2018 at 422 locations throughout 50 nations as of March 2021 IKEA employs a complex company structure for a number of factors, including tax avoidance[citation needed]. All IKEA stores within this framework are run through a franchise agreement with Inter IKEA Systems B.V., which manages branding, design, manufacture, and supply. The majority of IKEA stores are run by franchisees under the control of Ingka Group, a different IKEA group company, which pays royalties to Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Independent franchisees also run a few IKEA locations.


Communicating with people where they are. As we enter new areas, we plan to open more IKEA stores, making IKEA Retail our primary business. Currently, there are IKEA stores in 31 countries. We open our 392 IKEA locations to over 657 million visitors annually. Over 4.3 billion people visited IKEA.com in FY21, as well.

How does IKEA provide customers with value?

Ikea’s value proposition is simple and quick to summaries from the customer’s point of view. They provide affordable, dependable, and stylish furniture. Due to Ikea’s flatpack format, this also has the novelty of self-assembly.

What is the largest market for IKEA?

The company has 433 locations and is active in most major global markets. IKEA stores receive around 800 million visits from customers each year. leading nations for IKEA product sales in 2021.



IKEA uses composite material because it is durable, inexpensive, light, and minimal maintenance. Wood-plastic composite is one instance. Plastic products become stronger and more affordable when wood fibre waste is used, and it also helps put trash to good use. IKEA, a global retailer of home furnishings with more than 300 locations, dominated the furniture market at the beginning of the twenty-first century. IKEA is known for its inexpensive products, which are almost always offered in convenient “flat-pack” form for the client to assemble at home.

  1. Bathroom Furniture

A range of furniture made with care to match various decors and styles. a variety of options are available… Nowadays, the majority of people regularly use cosmetics, shower items, and skincare products. If none of these items are organized properly, your bathroom could quickly become a complete disaster. With bathroom furniture, you can maintain ideal organisation for your bathroom and your supplies. You may get the furniture you need from Krovitz, which is perfectly crafted to go with the various bathroom designs and styles. It has free-flowing lines that imitate the sensuality of water and express profound calm and wisdom, and its simplicity creates a serene and wise atmosphere in your bathroom.

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3. Karlstad Sofa

The Karlstad sofa has substantial dimensions, attractive lines, and ideal proportions with two seat cushions. According to reviewers at Apartment Therapy, it was the sofa on the Ikea floor with the most neutral appearance. IKEA is a world leader in products for the home.
There is furniture for every room in your house, whether you’ve just moved into a new house or want to remodel your existing one. IKEA is here to inspire you with inexpensive home furniture options. Build a house that is ideal for you.
Comparing IKEA shopping to regular retail shopping, it is a little bit different and thrilling. It is about getting a firsthand look at solutions and learning about concepts and inspirations that can seamlessly integrate into your house. For your exploration, we provide more than 7500 items, services, and ideas for home furnishings at our store.