After more than 15 years of working with SAP and extensive travel on SAP projects, one problem I’ve always had is keeping track of all the SAP Transaction Codes connected to various Modules. The names of transaction codes need to be kept at your fingertips if you work as a SAP ABAP consultant. You can learn this from other experts in some cases, but sometimes you have to look for it. After some investigation, I discovered a really simple method for locating the SAP Transaction Code connected to a Business Process Area. Check out this blog, then take on the SAP world.

This is extremely basic but also quite significant. Everyone who works as a consultant will utilise it continuously. They can use this tutorial to locate the SAP Tables hidden behind any SAP Transaction Code, including those for SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA.



Step-by-step guidance

For your SAP User ID, activate Trace by going to Transaction Code ST05.

Consider the scenario where the request is to obtain the Table that contains the Field for all Standard Tables. In this example, I want to locate any table fields, not just the one that stores the EKKO table field.

The EKKO Table Field is shown below.

Deactivate the ST05 trace.

Display Trace now

Implement the following Option

We now have the outcome.

press the Find button as indicated by the blue arrow.

Search now with the term EKKO

I believe the table below contains a list of all the field names for Table EKKO.

Let’s check by accessing SE16 and entering the table name DD03L.

TABNAME is now entered as EKKO, as illustrated below.

WALA, we achieved our goal.

The aforementioned idea can be used to access any table hidden by a transaction code.

For a video option, please click the link below.



With the knowledge of transaction codes for everything, you can now use the above concept.