• You run a drilldown report with a “object list” output (ALV – SAP list viewer). The error message KH615 is presented because the report has too many columns (for example, more than 999 columns).


  • Releases for SAP R/3
  • Releases for SAP ERP


  • This is a typical restriction and a necessity specific to the customer.
  • The reason the error message appears is because the ALV tool you tried to contact doesn’t support a lot of columns. Please read the long message text.

How to commit the error

1. KE30 -> 0-SAP01

2. Carry out

3. Select “Menu” > “Navigate” > “Change to Drilldown”

4 . Click

5. A pop-up screen

6. In the pop-up window, choose the traits

7. Go to wp-content/uploads/2013/07/6 239037.png

8. Information errors are shown in the status bar.


Before you use “Export” -> “Object list,” you can hide columns. Please designate the column you want to exclude from the export to the object list by clicking on it (for example, “Sales Quantity”) and then using the “Edit” -> “Column(s)” -> “On/Off” menu option.

As Well

  • Also susceptible to this problem are drilldown transactions KE80, S ALR 87012078, and CJE0.
  • Note 368974 in SAP

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