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This is how technology moves in today’s world, so it’s realistic to expect that the IT skill sets inside most organizations can’t keep up. When a project comes along that requires expertise outside of your IT wheelhouse, turn to HYAIS. Our nationwide network stays in front of technology by investing in research necessary to bring innovations and cutting edge skill sets to our offices, and ultimately to yours. Our passion for technology drives us to constantly expand our capabilities, bringing you the services and experience needed to achieve your goals.

IT Expertise .

Tap into IT expertise when and where you need it. Speak with HYAIS today to learn how we can help with IT projects and support.

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IT Consulting.

Is IT a player in your business goals and objectives? If not, we encourage you to talk with TeamLogic IT. Today’s business climate is intensely demanding, and IT can play a pivotal role in shaping your success. We help companies find ways to be more productive, secure and competitive. Whether you need help on a project or want a top-to-bottom operational assessment, we can help you with everything from infrastructure and IT security to data management, cloud applications, privacy issues, and more. Our clients are consistently surprised at how their operations improve once they have an assessment and bridge a few technological gaps. You will too.

Co-Managed Services.

Sometimes a dedicated staff is not enough. For many companies, supporting the information technology demands of today’s workplace is increasingly challenging. Internal IT staff are often spread thin, may not have the breadth of skills needed to keep up, and are difficult to recruit and retain in a highly competitive market. The Co-Managed IT Services model is designed to answer this challenge.

Remote Workforce.

Remote workforce: the new normal. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with people’s growing desire to work remotely, has shifted the workplace dynamic for the foreseeable future. This presents new IT challenges and opportunities. TeamLogic IT can assist your company with the “onsite-to-offsite transformation,” ensuring your remote workers have highly-available, highly-secure work environments.

IT Procurement Services.

Size makes a difference. As a nationwide network, TeamLogic IT brings significant economies-of-scale to bear in procuring your IT equipment and software licenses. Our experts consult with you to identify your needs, budget parameters, and work only with reputable suppliers. And since we are vendor agnostic, you can be confident our recommendations are based strictly on the best fit for your business.

Structured Cabling.

Constant connectivity. Rarely seen by the busy professionals who rely on it, structured cabling is an essential component of business performance and the backbone of your organization’s communications network. TeamLogic IT advises companies on decisions regarding methodology and design as well as oversees contractors and carriers to ensure proper installation. If your business is expanding, relocating, or is ready for a cabling upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 6, contact TeamLogic IT today.

IT Relocation Services.

Transporting technology. Relocating a company’s technology requires advanced planning, a keen understanding of logistics and an opportunistic mindset. Disconnecting and reassembling technology is a suitable time to re-assess your core infrastructure. Maybe it’s time to address upgrades, phase out legacy systems, leverage cloud services, etc. TeamLogic IT experts can help you strategize how to best optimize your transition and facilitate every aspect of the move, whether it’s across town or across the country.


The power of one. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. For example, let’s say you are a university with five campuses and you have a significant amount of aging hardware. Rather than purchase and replace, you can install a virtual client on the existing equipment, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in capitalization costs. Virtualization also allows the easy transfer of applications to mobile devices. TeamLogic IT can help you evaluate the risk and reward benefits to determine if virtualization is right for your business.

Server & Network Design.

Behind the scenes. Your network is the unseen hero of your business universe, tirelessly making sure your data is traveling where it needs to go. It may seem to be working fine, but just like your car, it requires service, and will eventually require an overhaul. TeamLogic IT engineers and technicians work with businesses of all sizes to ensure their network and server design is up to the task. From on-premise servers to enterprise grade systems able to handle massive demand spikes, we work tirelessly to make sure your system delivers industry-leading speed and security.


Technology aligned with your business. This is the function of a Chief Information Officer (CIO), providing a company with better ways of working with customers, streamlining workflows for greater productivity, risk management, and more. Until now, only large corporations and companies had the financial wherewithal to employ this position. As your managed IT services provider, HYAIS can function as your virtual CIO (vCIO).

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