Why doesn’t SAP Business ByDesign offer what is also feasible for client invoices as a standard delivery? Why can revenues be limited but not costs, which are as important?

Because it is undeniable that figuring out the profit for a particular time is one of financial accounting’s most crucial jobs. All business dealings that pertain to the present period are then recorded. However, there are always transactions that must be recorded even when they do not pertain to the current fiscal year or period. Accrual accounting, which requires that these amounts be accumulated, is used. In order to accumulate revenue, SAP Business ByDesign has always been able to do this with outgoing invoices. However, the app “All for One Steeb – Prepaid Expense Accruals” now allows the cloud ERP system to accrue vendor bills and thereby charges.


Which issues does the app solve?

  1. Extension of Supplier Billing Positions

Every Supplier Billing Position will have new fields added that allow it to be more easily determined whether the Position Needs to Be Limited, how it Should Be Limited, and for how long.

Thus, even though each position must be handled differently, it is possible to process supplier invoices with multiple positions. Additionally, split costs distributions are supported.

     2. Customer mapping

In order to post transactions automatically without manually entering accrual accounts, expense accounts can be assigned to accrual accounts using the included account mapping.

      3. Three distinct accrual techniques
Three different encroachment techniques are fully supported. There is a monthly restriction, which counts each month as having 30 days, as well as a daily restriction and a way for adjusting the restriction based on the needs of the individual customer.

     4. For automatic cost realisation, run large amounts of data.
Once a supplier invoice has been paid, it is automatically limited. The use of mass data flows with individually assigned customers ensures that costs are realised at the appropriate time by triggering the proper cost realisation booking.


5. Functions of the cockpit and monitor for a rapid overview
In addition to providing an overview of all affected suppliers’ calculations and positions, an abgrenzungscockpit also provides information on how the abgrenzungsbeträge are calculated, the status of each realisation, and a thorough error log.

In conclusion, I can say that this software is the best option for accruing supplier fees and bills. Please feel free to get in touch with me or visit the SAP Store if you’re interested in our app.

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