I frequently get the following question from clients and coworkers: “Is there a clear and simple approach to present and interpret resource related data? And I am able to respond, “Yes.” It is crucial to keep an eye on the fundamental variables, or those that serve as the foundation for long-term planning, particularly for a company’s mid-term planning.

The crucial factors for each professional service provider are:

– Backlog of orders and projects

– Employer/Utilization Situation

– A pipeline of opportunities

Making the appropriate decision requires that the pertinent information be presented clearly and in an understandable manner. As a result, we developed a solution in SAP Business ByDesign that greatly streamlines and improves resource planning.

Through the use of a Microsoft Azure Service, we developed planning logic based on those import parameters (and the associated data). It might be shown in MS Excel or the SAP Analytics Cloud, for example. Additionally, we developed a set of data sources that represent best practises; this standardises and streamlines planning.

This is an example of a dashboard representation schematic. Project effort is represented by the white bar, whereas opportunity effort is represented by the orange bar. All throughout the year, a blue line represents the budget. The Other lines could display contribution and sales margin.

The current state of the company is accurately depicted by incorporating a wide range of data sources from SAP Business ByDesign. The tool can be utilised at many management levels because of the various filters and views in SAC or Excel. Executives may quickly and intelligently make decisions since the root causes and interdependencies of expenses, billing days, orders, projects, opportunities, and capacities are clearly displayed.

In conclusion, this method is excellent for improving resource planning, project overview, and predictability.

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