Hi. The second post about MR21 and the material ledger is this one.

This time, I’m going to try to buck some traditional SAP “best practises” and “rules.”

WARNING: You must perform some of the stages in the sequence at your own risk or outside of the PRD system. Do not take my remarks as gospel since I have no affiliation with SAP. Test it out first to see if it can benefit you. This is an illustration for instructional websites.

Currently we are in the month of 2013/08 MMPV!

1. Make a brand-new product. ZPP MR21 01.

2. Post the General Ledger for the prior month or 07/2013 and charge the PriceDifference account so that the July ML Close can be performed later.

Due to MMPV, the receipt for 2007 is listed as the first inventory for 2008. (more complex, more fun)

3. Come up with a new standard cost for August and publish it. You cannot publish a new standard cost because status “quantities and values entered” exists… However, we defy the laws.

Price differential due to a system change 500mxn UMB When ML is closed in month 2007, this must be resolved.

4. It’s time to do MR21, but the system won’t let you because the status is “price change completed.”

5. There are some solutions to this issue, but I won’t go into detail here because, once again, we break the rules. Please make sure this is not an LTPC late price modification with MR21 by checking carefully!

6. You can see that the MR21 now permits a new value after setting a new standard of 350.

7, the system generates a different document with a different price in UMB; the current standard is 350. Again, UMB needs to be approved. In UMB, there are 1000 suns.

8. End the earlier period 07

As you can see, the beginning stock for 2008 matches the end stock for 2007.

The ML Clear the 500 (new standard release) + 500 (mr21) of UMB by the end of this time period. U = 1000

PRY is the difference (500 – 350)*10 = 1500 between the Actual Cost of the Starting Stock and the New Standard Cost. This 1500 must be completed by the month’s end in August.

PRY must roll up to the end stock or to the next level since it is the difference between the new standard and the actual price and is produced in the ML Close of the previous month. Not the UMB produced in MR21, but PRY is the value that Roll up! This is the crucial idea.

When you close the previous month in ML, UMB made with MR21 and ML is cleared. I use the same account as regular cost release has. If your OBYC is accurate, the net value is zero, much like when a new standard cost was introduced in ck24. Check that I’m using two accounts—one for PRY and the other for UMB MR21—since PRY is a genuine ML account that rolls up.

UMB is not cleaned if you close the ML from the previous month and then perform MR21 (using a few methods), and I believe this is where the issue starts.

MR22 acts in a different way! . The recommendation is to use a different account because the UMB of MR22 is “always” a P&L account. Since this is not cleared, you are producing “real value in the balance” out of thin air and must therefore hit the P&L. The real cost is changed by MR22, which also correctly rolls up as planned.

Check the final stock now; it costs $500 and has the same price as both the beginning stock and the month’s end stock.


Aditional Case.


1. I go back to the 07 ML close.

2. publish MR21-LTPC the system posts the new standard of 400

3. ml in per 07. close

4. Execute run ml close in period 08. (not the last step)

The late price adjustment is visible in ckm3n’s failure to display the pricing difference.

and the new ml closure doc clean UMB for 500 (ck24), 500 (MR21), and 500 (MR21-ltpc), which equals 1500.

The value you see in the initial stock’s price difference column is PRY, which is the difference between the standard and actual values by 10 * (500 – 400).

So here’s what I did in month 08:

+ Disclose regular price

+ MR21

LTPC with +MR21