Several new exception key figures for various sectors were added with ST-A/PI 01Q* (e.g. SAP ERP sales, SAP CRM sales & services, SAP APO). As root cause analysis becomes a quick and simple task, the feedback from our initial clients in our business process improvement initiatives was astounding. Because of this, we decided to continue providing such vital figures in the future. I previously wrote a blog post regarding exceptions at period end closing and hinted that we will continue to build such critical figures in the area of controlling. In the field of CO-PC, a number of new monitoring objects and key figures are now available with the delivery of support package 1 for ST-A/PI 01Q*. There are now several new application areas for controlling for filtering in business process analytics and monitoring. Some “old” monitoring items, such as Cost Estimates and Schedule Manager Monitor, which were formerly accessible in the application area Fincancials, can be found underneath this application area (where they still resides as well). However, we now include new Controlling objects and crucial figures as well.

You may now locate the new monitoring object Exceptions in Costing in product cost planning (CO-PC-PCP), which contains two new key numbers. One important chart is Exceptions during costing run, which looks for any error messages that were raised during any costing run in the specified reference period, regardless of whether they occurred during the selection, costing, marking, or releasing process.

The other crucial figure is called Exceptions during cost calculation CK11N, which looks for problems that occurred while costing was done in dialogue mode.


One new monitoring object, called Exceptions in Cost Object Controlling, was introduced in the area of cost object calculation (CO-PC-OBJ), along with two new key figures. Variations in the computation of WIP

and Variance Calculation Exceptions

Last but not least, we added a new object Cost Calculations from Confirmations with the new key figure to the actual costing (CO-PC-ACT) category.

All cost posting problems that occurred during order confirmation are listed in the document entitled Inaccurate Cost Calculations from Confirmations (no matter if it comes from a production, process or maintenance order etc.)


Additional reading and Business Process Analytics frequently asked questions are addressed there.

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