Outstanding Xbox One Features:

Outstanding Xbox One Features

1. Never be concerned about losing a saved game.

On the Xbox One, it’s virtually impossible to lose a saved game because all of your saved files are immediately transferred to the cloud as you play. The system will automatically retrieve your save data from the cloud so you can start up where you left off if you sign into your Xbox Live account on another machine and play a game you’ve already played. It’s no longer necessary to manually upload and download game data and profile information.

Suspend-and-Resume is a useful function on the system that allows you to save any game at its current point if you turn off your console and resume from there when you turn it back on. Be advised that this functionality only functions when the system is set to instant-on power, which uses somewhat less energy than other settings. But who would shut off their console without saving their game, unless a complete nutcase, right?


2. Join your Xbox One controller to your computer

You will first need to download a specific driver package from the Xbox support website in order to connect the Xbox One controller to your PC. Connect the Xbox One controller to your PC using a regular micro USB cord after the driver package has been installed. When connected to a USB port, the controller ought to vibrate. Try using a different cable if you don’t hear the controller vibrate when you plug it in.


3. Utilize Your Phone as a Controller

You may connect your phone or tablet to your Xbox One console by downloading the Xbox One app to it. A useful feature for times when your game controller is out of reach or you just don’t feel like using Kinect is the ability to utilize it as a media controller to swipe through menu options or activate different apps on the console once it has been synchronized.


4. Keep an eye on the bandwidth your console consumes

Select “Settings” from the main menu, then “Network” > “Bandwidth Usage” to view the effect your console is having on your internet resources. This will provide a log of the bandwidth the console has consumed hourly over the previous few months. Additionally, you can check how much bandwidth it is presently consuming.

5. Quicker Access to Your Favorite HBO Shows

Any movie or TV show from HBO Go can be pinned to your Xbox One’s system dashboard. To access the menu option that lets you pin a game to your dashboard, simply select the title that piques your interest and press the menu button that is to the right of the Xbox button. Your favorite shows are now always easy to find without having to search through long lists or type anything in.


6. Keep track of your objectives

You may clip a list of achievements to the right side of the screen on the Xbox One interface. To view a list of achievements, simply double-tap the Xbox button in the center of the controller and choose the “Achievement” option. Alternatively, you can use the voice command “Xbox, snap achievements” if you’re using the Kinect. To move an achievement to the top of the list on the right, simply choose it and hit the A button. You can see how close you are to completing an achievement by looking at the green progress meter.


7. Check Out a Game Before Purchasing It

The Xbox Live shop already has a Twitch streaming option. While looking through games, simply highlight the “Broadcast” panel to see a live stream of someone playing the game at that very moment. You won’t need to visit YouTube anymore to find gameplay videos.


8. A Right-Click is Essentially What the Menu Button Is

While the menu button’s utility is probably pretty evident to anyone who uses their Xbox One frequently, novices might not be aware that it’s much more than a straightforward start button. It’s easiest to think of the menu button—or hamburger, as it’s popularly known in some circles—as the Xbox One’s equivalent of the right-click because it extends the options for just about anything you click on. The Xbox One’s new menu may be much nicer than the previous one, but it’s still not the easiest thing to traverse. It’s also a wonderful method to quickly access the system settings instead of navigating through many menus.  If you think of the menu button as a mouse’s right-click, you’ll save yourself a lot of navigational headaches going forward.


9. The “Home Xbox” Feature Allows Game Sharing

One of the best Xbox One “hacks” almost seems too good to be true, yet it’s simple to implement. In essence, you can share games with a friend if you designate each other’s Xboxes as your “Home” Xbox. By default, your personal Xbox One will be your Home Xbox, but you may effectively share games between the two consoles if you download your Xbox Live profile on another Xbox One (and vice versa) and designate that machine as your Home Xbox. This implies that if you and the other person play a lot of the same games, you only need one copy of each game. Switching your Home Xbox around can help you save a tonne of money. It all sounds a little difficult (this article does a far better job of describing it), and this only applies to digital, not retail, versions.

10. Remapping Button

One of the more obscure features included with the New Xbox Experience update is the ability to remap your controller’s inputs throughout the entire system rather than just for one game. It is not novel to be able to change a controller’s button layout for certain games. If you have a fancy new Xbox Elite controller, you can even disable certain of the buttons (in case you don’t want to unintentionally press certain control inputs in a particular game). By no means is this a life-changing feature, but it’s still wonderful to have the freedom to freely tinker with the Xbox’s controls. Just check the system settings to remap the controllers.


11. Faster Installation

There is a technique to speed up the Xbox One game installation process, but waiting for games to install and updates to download is just a sad fact of modern gaming. Really, all you have to do is turn off your Xbox’s internet connection. When it is done, a procedure that may easily take several hours is shortened to just take between 15-20 minutes, depending on the game. This is because installing a game when the Xbox One is online causes all patches and updates to download at once, greatly slowing down the entire process. Pulling the Ethernet cable (or turning off the Wi-Fi) will allow you to begin playing a new game as soon as possible. Of course, once you actually reconnect your console to the internet again, you’ll still need to download those updates if you want to play a game online.


12. Group texting

Party chat has been a function since the Xbox 360 era, but it has only ever supported audio communication until now. One of the newest features of the Xbox One is the ability to use text in party chat in addition to voice, albeit it hasn’t received much publicity. That means you can still communicate instantaneously with up to 11 of your Xbox Live buddies even if you don’t want to chat or don’t have a microphone. We’re delighted it’s there even though it doesn’t contribute anything new or revolutionary to Xbox One’s social interaction.

13. Improvements to Backwards Compatibility

Without a doubt, the inclusion of backward compatibility with Xbox 360 titles is the most talked-about new Xbox One feature for 2015. While this feature is essentially what you would expect it to be, you might not be aware that you can still capture screenshots and videos of Xbox 360 games in the same way that you would with an Xbox One game. You can take a screenshot or record a video by simply double-tapping the Xbox Guide button—that’s a huge “X” button. Even though this isn’t really groundbreaking, it’s still fantastic news for anyone who wants to share their Xbox 360 gaming escapades given that the only option to do this in the past required an expensive capture card.