In the pharmaceutical industry, I work as a FICO consultant. I’m telling about a situation where I received more product than I had ordered in this blog article. I’ll go into further detail below about how I addressed this problem in SAP. I’d want to briefly define a few key terminology that I’ll be using in this blog post before getting into more detail about my case.

  1. Purchase Order – PO
  2. Goods Receipt – GR
  3. Over-Delivery/Under-Delivery Tolerance
  4. Purchase Info Record




1. Purchase Order:

Purchase order is a request which is sent to the vendor to supply certain goods or services under the stated conditions to deliver at or by a certain point in time.


2. Goods Receipt:

Receiving the vendor’s products or services. Every time any items are received in relation to a purchase order that was entered into the system, a goods receipt is created.


3. Over-delivery/Under-delivery tolerance:

The term “over/under-delivery” refers to the vendor delivering more or fewer goods than what was ordered. The PO contains information about how much of an overdelivery or underdelivery is acceptable.


4. Purchase Info Record:

It contains information on a certain material and the supplier of the commodity. Furthermore, it includes data on over- and underdelivery.



I have created a PO for 10 qty @160 INR. I have received the goods from the vendor for 15 qty @160. There is an over-delivery of 5 qty. I have done the below steps to handle this scenario in SAP.

In this blog post, I’m posting 2 solutions for the above scenario.



Step 1: I have created a PO for 10 qty @160 INR using the Tcode – ME21N:

I have maintained Over-delivery tolerance as 50% under delivery tab in item details section of PO.


Note: If Over-delivery tolerance is not maintained in the PO then the system will popup the below error.


Step 2: I have created Goods Receipt against the PO I have created using Tcode – MIGO:

I have put the quantity received as 15 qty in the field Qty in Unit of Entry while producing the goods receipt against the PO (since I have received 15 qty versus the raised PO of 10 qty) under the quantity tab in the item details section, and I have completed the goods receipt as described below.



Step 3: Display the GR document to check the FI Document:

The reference document field (Purchase Order) is placed beneath the application menu bar to the left of the field Trans./Event, where you can select display to display the FI documents. Click the material document to display it.



We can preserve the over/under-delivery tolerance in the purchase info record even if the over-delivery/under-delivery tolerance field is in display mode (not ready for input) (see screenshot 001 below). Please do the steps listed below to accomplish this.

Screenshot 001


Step 1: Go to Change Info Record screen using Tcode – ME12

Enter the details like below.

Change Info Record


Step 2: Maintain Over-delivery/Under-delivery tolerance:

Choose over-delivery/under-delivery based on the scenario and maintain the tolerance limits as I did below.

Over/Under-Delivery Tolerance


Now, Goods Receipt can be created for over-delivery/under-delivery quantity.



Business frequently receives more or fewer goods than what was requested, and this is normal. In order to establish a goods receipt for over- or under-delivery, tolerance for over- or under-delivery must be maintained. We can either keep the tolerance while making the purchase order or in the record of the purchase information.

Note:- The settings for purchase info record will not be valid for existing PO’s.


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