In order to showcase how innovation has been incorporated into venerable applications like Controlling – Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to benefit from the company’s in-memory computing platform known as SAP HANATM, the SAP® CO-PA Accelerator solution was introduced in September 2011 at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Since then, ERP clients and consultants have been provided with a number of webinars on the advantages and use cases for the CO-PA Accelerator. You can watch and listen to the recordings, as well as read the information accessible from the following links, to learn more.

SAP HANA CO-PA Accelerator for High Performance Profitability Analysis

Test Drive of the SAP CO-PA Accelerator

Rapid-Deployment SAP ERP for SAP HANA for Profitability Analysis

Two Examples of SAP HANA’s Accelerated Profitability Analysis and Reporting

I believe that many of you are eager to install the CO-PA Accelerator software because of the possibilities that this recent invention offers, but you first need to create a business case to support your SAP HANA investment. The main goal of this article is to introduce you to a few tools that are currently included in your ERP systems and can be used to analyse your present CO-PA system performance and gather data for your HANA investment study.

I explore the following CO-PA utilities in a multi-part weblog series that you might not be familiar with or regularly use:

1) Could HANA Be of Help? View the CO-PA using Transaction KEDZ. Read Interface Log – CO-PA Log Read Interface

2) Could HANA Be of Assistance? View the CO-PA Top-Down Distribution Log Using Transaction KE28L – Top-Down Distribution Log

3) Could HANA Be of Assistance? View with Transaction KEUD Overview of the CO-PA Assessment Cycle – Cycle

4) Could HANA Be of Assistance? Utilize the Assessment Cycle Analysis Tools provided by Transaction KEU5 CO-PA.

In the project planning stage for SAP HANA, you should familiarise yourself with these tools.