Since the release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208, businesses without Swiss or Liechtenstein company codes can use the QR-bill capability. As a result, you can conduct commerce with firms in Lichtenstein or Switzerland using the QR bill.

What is QR-bill?

The QR-bill is a procedure used since June 2020 to modernize Swiss payment transactions.

Maintain Additional Parameters

To see the additional fields necessary for the application of QR-bill data, the parameter type CHQR has to be set to Q or B.

You can change the value of the parameter type in Maintain Additional Parameters configuration step (SSCUI 102739).

Values for parameter type CHQR:

Settings for Payment Method

After setting up the extra parameter CHQR, you can proceed and configure a payment option. Set Up Payment Methods for Each Country/Region for Payment Transactions is a configuration step where this can be accomplished (SSCUI 101972).

Please double-check the sections titled “Necessary master record specifications” and “Bank information + IBAN required” in the section titled “Payment method categorization.” Please utilise the CH CGI XML CT payment medium format when making a payment.

In the configuration step Set Up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transactions (SSCUI 101044) make sure to check:

  • Foreign business partner allowed
  • Foreign currency allowed
  • Cust/vendor bank abroad allowed

Next, in the configuration step Set Up Bank Determination for Payment Transactions (SSCUI 101045) set a house bank, ranking order, and bank accounts for the payment method we created before.

As the final setting step for the payment method, navigate to Assign Account Symbol to Payment Methods (SSCUI 103557) and give the specified payment method an account symbol.

Create Incoming Invoices

Since the payment method has been set up, invoices can now include information from QR-bills. We’ll submit a QR-IBAN invoice using the Create Incoming Invoices app to illustrate the fix.

The fields for QR-bills (ISR Number, ISR Reference, QR IBAN, and Additional Info) can be found on the Basic data tab. The value of the parameter type CHQR that we set up at the start of this blog article determines which fields we view.

In the Payment tab, make sure to set the previously defined payment method.

Manage Journal Entries

The Manage Journal Entries app allows you to view or edit the entered data. To do this, look for the entry number in the journal, click it, and then select Manage Journal Entries. To view the data, select the appropriate line item.

The QR-bill data is displayed in the Country/Region-Specific Data section on the screen.

You can alter the IBAN number, ISR/QR reference, and other details while in edit mode. On the other hand, you can only alter the default IBAN if you also submit extra data.

The bank account and bank number are updated in accordance with the revised QR-IBAN, and the new information is shown on the screen in the Journal-Specific Vendor Payment Type area.