We’re all experienced with making payments as accounts payable accountants, but what happens when a payment document we submit for approval is denied? Payment papers may be rejected by a bank or an accounts payable manager for many reasons. Do we then need to manually process the payment documents? Or is there a quicker, more automated way?

Automatic Method

The Manage Workflows – Process Rejected Payments app and the My Inbox – Process Rejected Payments app, both of which are accessible as of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005, have made it possible. I can now quickly determine the rationale behind a payment document’s denial. Then, I can undo this or several rejected payment documents at once. My accounts payable manager may tailor the procedure to the demands of the company and increase team productivity by cutting waste.

Video Introduction

Check out the video below for a quick summary of the new procedure:

https://video.sap.com/media/t/1 e2m2zxlz

Business Process Illustration

The complete business process can be set up as follows if you use SAP Bank Communication Management (scope item J78 Advanced Cash Operations) and SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity (scope item 16R Bank Integration with SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity):

When you reverse a payment document that has been denied, the automatically assigned cause for the reversal will be used. The payment document’s cleared items will be reopened. Reopened items will be barred if the automatically chosen payment block option confirms a block and cannot be paid in additional payment runs.

A payment document that has been denied will not be paid if it is kept. Using the Reset Cleared Items app, you can manually undo it. Use the Manage Supplier Line Items app or the Manage Payment Blocks app to put payment blocks on the reopened items.

App Instructions

Interested in learning more about the two new apps? Go to the SAP Help Portal and read the app documentation.

Process Rejected Payments in My Inbox

Workflow Management – Processing Rejected Payments