Rishi Sunak makes five promises on the economy, health, and immigration in keynote speech

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Before the general election anticipated for 2024, Rishi Sunak has pledged to revive the economy, reduce NHS waiting lists, and stop migrant boats from navigating the English Channel. The prime minister promised to halve inflation in the upcoming year while also making the public safer, wealthier, and better cared for in a speech outlining five “people’s priorities” to address the biggest issues facing Britain.
He stressed the need for “something to change” in the healthcare system and pledged to give patients more options while concentrating on reducing waiting times.

In addition, Mr. Sunak used the speech—his first significant speech as premier—to introduce a significant new initiative: making math instruction mandatory for all students up to age 18. The Winchester College-educated prime minister declared: “This is personal for me. The education I was so fortunate to receive served as the foundation for all of my opportunities in life.

Major Points

  • Before the 2024 election, Rishi Sunak promises to cut inflation in half and “stop migrant boats.” The prime minister identifies five “people’s priorities.”
  • In the first poll of 2023, Labour has a 20-point advantage over the Conservatives.
  • Sunak is willing to talk to nurses who are on strike.
  • To address NHS issues, MP and doctor Rishi Sunak claims that the PM wants tax cuts as soon as possible.

Rishi Sunak’s speech to tackle NHS issues

In a significant speech today at 2 pm, Rishi Sunak is scheduled to address the most pressing issues facing the NHS. Millions of patients who are waiting for treatment are among the topics he is anticipated to address, as are ambulance delays. High demand is straining the health system, and more staff walkouts, including those by nurses and ambulance drivers, are imminent.

According to speech briefings, Mr. Sunak will also use the speech to confirm his plans to introduce new laws to restrict industrial action and warn that Britain cannot afford to meet the pay demands of striking workers.

Rishi Sunak to make mathematics compulsory for pupils until age 18

In an effort to ensure that the UK’s educational system can compete with the best in the world, Rishi Sunak will announce plans to make math education mandatory until the age of 18. The change won’t take place, though, until after the next election, which opinion polls currently predict will go against the Conservatives and favor Labour.

Mr. Sunak will use a speech in central London for his first public appearance of the year to caution that future jobs will require more analytical skills than ever. He will declare that allowing our kids to grow up without those skills is failing them. He will also draw attention to the fact that, in contrast to many other nations, only half of all 16 to 19-year-olds are math majors.

Prior to Rishi Sunak’s speech, MP and doctor claim that NHS is in its worst state ever.

The NHS is currently in “the worst” condition that health professionals have ever seen, according to Rosena Allin-Khan, a practicing A&E physician and the shadow secretary for mental health.  According to the Labour member of parliament for Tooting, who spoke to Sky News, “What I’m seeing is what my colleagues are echoing across the country: they feel, regrettably, that this is the worst they have ever seen the NHS for patients and for staff.”

According to Ms. Allin-Khan, nurses arrive at work with the impression that they are not providing “dignified, safe care” to patients. “You have to understand the toll that takes when you go to work with that burden,” she said. Ms. Allin Khan said Labour in power would implement a workforce plan that would train 10,000 more nurses and midwives annually and double the number of district nurses as Rishi Sunak gets ready to outline plans to fix the NHS.

Labor extends its lead over Tories to 20 points in the first poll of 2023

In the first survey of 2023 voters’ intentions to vote, Labour has increased its polling advantage over the Conservatives to 20 points (Adam Forrest writes). According to the Redfield and Wilton poll, Rishi Sunak’s party is down two points with 27% support, while Sir Keir Starmer’s party is up one point with 47%. According to the survey, the prime minister outperformed the Labour leader on leadership and economic competency.

As the tide shifts against Channel 4’s privatization, Nadine Dorries speaks out

After learning that her successor Michelle Donelan had advised the government to scrap its plan to privatize Channel 4, the former culture secretary Nadine Dorries made a statement. During Boris Johnson’s premiership, Ms. Dorries, the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire, had spearheaded the contentious action.

She wrote on Twitter: “Three years of a progressive Tory government are wasted. Gaining experience, dumped. Reform of social care dropped. Watered down approach to protecting young and vulnerable people online. There won’t be an EU leg bonfire. Reversal of sale of C4 returning £2 billion. displaced by what?

Channel 4 privatization shouldn’t go ahead, culture secretary tells Rishi Sunak

According to a letter that was leaked, Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan has advised against the planned privatization of Channel 4. (Adam Forrest writes). The cabinet minister claimed in a letter to Rishi Sunak that there are “better ways to ensure C4’s sustainability” compared to dismantling the government-owned broadcaster.

The alleged U-turn comes after plans to privatize the channel were announced by Boris Johnson’s administration last year, which sparked outrage from opposition parties, Tories in Congress, and prominent media figures. After reviewing the business case, Ms. Donelan stated in a letter that was leaked to the News Agents podcast: “I have concluded that pursuing a sale at this time is not the right decision.”

A sale in the TV industry “would be very disruptive at a time when growth and economic stability are our priorities,” the culture secretary added in his statement to Mr. Sunak.

Nurse at A&E talks about “relentless conditions”

As Rishi Sunak gets ready to present his ideas for fixing the NHS, an emergency room nurse has described the “relentless conditions” that exist in hospitals. Because staff members are “overwhelmed,” according to nurse Stephen McKenna, he would be worried for any of his loved ones if they had to seek treatment in an emergency room at this time.

He said on BBC Radio Ulster, “It’s difficult to put into words how difficult it has been for healthcare staff across the board and, in particular, in emergency care.” In my six years of working in A&E, it’s possibly at its worst. I’d probably compare it to emergency care in underdeveloped nations, and I can firmly affirm that this is the case.

“I took a nursing elective while I was studying abroad, and I was horrified at what I saw when I was in Nepal. I am starting to see similar things right here in Northern Ireland, and throughout the UK, and it is heartbreaking for the staff.”

Brexit: Disaster relief organization hired to assist motorists stranded in Dover

It has been revealed that the government has contracted with a disaster relief organization to assist drivers stuck in long lines at the Port of Dover in Kent in 2023. (Adam Forrest writes). The Department for Transport approved a £200,000 contract with RE: ACT, a humanitarian organization that delivers aid to conflict and disaster areas, to assist those affected by the Dover disruption.

In the event that drivers of cars and trucks are impeded by the significant gridlock caused by post-Brexit issues that was seen in 2022, the charity will provide them with food and water.

Rishi Sunak takes the stage

The prime minister has begun his speech with a focus on optimism. He moved quickly on to the NHS but has yet to announce any new measures.

Rishi Sunak: I know there are challenges in the public sector

The prime minister acknowledged that the public sector faces difficulties. He added that the government wants to have a “reasonable dialogue” with the striking employees and that they are “hugely valued” in the public sector.

Rishi Sunak: We will halve inflation this year

The prime minister declared that he will set a goal to cut inflation in half this year. Inflation reached 11% in the previous year. The Bank of England anticipates a decline this calendar year. Before the 2024 election, Rishi Sunak promises to cut inflation in half and “stop migrant boats.”

Rishi Sunak vows to halve inflation and ‘stop migrant boats’ before 2024 election

By promising to address five important “people’s priorities” during this parliament, the Conservative prime minister tried to refocus his presidency. Mr. Sunak promised to cut the government’s debt in half, reduce inflation, and restore growth to the UK economy.

Five “people’s priorities” are established by Rishi Sunak.

In a speech outlining his administration’s priorities for the coming year, the prime minister made five commitments, stating: “We will halve inflation, grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists, and stop the boats.”

Rishi Sunak tells public: ‘People will have to work hard
According to the prime minister, for the economy to grow, people will need to put in a lot of effort. According to Mr. Sunak, he wants to “halve inflation this year to ease living expenses and provide people with financial security.” In addition, he wants to “make sure our national debt is falling so that we can secure the future of public services” and “create better-paid jobs and opportunity across the country.”

Anti-social behavior not inevitable says Sunak

Sunak claims that antisocial behaviour is not unavoidable. In his speech this afternoon, Rishi Sunak railed against anti-social behaviour, claiming it is a social ill that is “not inevitable.” He gave instances of drug users committing crimes and kids breathing nitrous oxide in playgrounds. “I want to create a better future for our kids and grandkids. They envision a future filled with optimism, hope, and pride. We must alter our perspective in order to realize that vision, he added.

Sunak promises a healthcare system where patients are in charge.

The NHS will undergo a revolution, according to Rishi Sunak, putting patients in charge of their own care. The prime minister stated that giving patients more options and ending the postcode lottery of care were priorities. Reducing NHS waiting lists was one of the five “people’s priorities” Mr. Sunak outlined in his speech today.

The five main pledges made by the prime minister as he outlines the nation’s priorities for the following two years are as follows:

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  1. Rishi Sunak concludes with a dig at “quick fixes”
  2. Sunak pledges to ‘stop the boats’

  3. ‘We won’t stop elective surgeries to deal with NHS crisis’

  4. Sunak talks about family and love in a pitch to support parents

  5. Sunak says ‘people’s priorities may be a matter for the next parliament

According to Rishi Sunak, the NHS’s pressure point is A&E.

The pressure on A&E in the NHS, according to the prime minister, is “most acute.” At his press conference in east London, Mr. Sunak was asked by the BBC how soon the NHS will get better this winter. He responded, “As I acknowledged right at the beginning of the speech, I think that’s the thing that people are most worried about.”

Making sure to reduce NHS wait times was one of his five priorities, he said, adding that it was “something I have been working on heavily since I was PM, and that’s why I want the country to hold me accountable for delivering it.” The “most acute pressure” this winter, he said, is in A&E. He listed “lots of things we are doing,” adding: “What I want the country to know is that there are a range of things we’re doing that will make a difference.

“Our biggest issue is that there are currently 13,000 people in hospital beds who ought to be living in their communities or receiving social care. And that is what causes our hospitals to be overcrowded. “We’ve already eliminated those waiting two years, and by next spring, I think we will have eliminated those waiting a year,” he said regarding waiting times after outlining funding for early discharge, virtual wards, and other measures.

Which five commitments did Rishi Sunak make during his speech?

The following are Jane Dalton’s highlights from the prime minister’s speech: In his first significant speech of 2023, Mr. Sunak outlined the priorities of his government, stating:

“First, we will halve inflation this year to lower living expenses and provide people with financial security.

“Secondly, we will expand the economy, generating opportunities and better-paying jobs across the nation.

Third, in order to safeguard the future of public services, we will ensure that our national debt is decreasing.

“Fourth, there will be a reduction in NHS waiting lists, which will speed up patient access to care.

Fifth, we will enact new legislation to prohibit small boats, ensuring that anyone entering the country illegally will be detained and promptly expelled.