This post can be seen as a continuation of my earlier ones in which I described the SAP Central Finance (CFIN) Roadmap for generating business value.

Here, the emphasis is on the process and a small amount of system architecture as it relates to how it begins when working on Central Finance projects and how it changes when different stages of transformation arrive and how to plan to maximize investment returns.

Process and system architecture are mixed together in the graphics below so that readers with both technical and business backgrounds can use them.

Please right click and open the images in a new tab if you are unable to read the ones below. It’ll provide a clean image.)

When first load and replication testing is conducted during the project phase:

The data must be of high quality before replication can begin. Furthermore, reporting throughout the maintain phase can be done using this data. You’ll see that reporting is being done in the central system and that process mining & root cause analysis are being used to reduce errors.

We can now plan to execute transactions from the central system during the run stage. Here, you can see how the processes in the ECC are slowing down and shifting toward the central system.

This describes how to begin and proceed with the architecture planning. You can design commercial and technological architecture with the aid of this.

I hope it will aid in understanding Central Finance’s intricate yet intriguing design.

Cheers to reading!