I’m pleased to introduce the Leading Note for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, Argentina Value-Added Tax (VAT):

In this blog post I’ll explain what a Leading Note is, why I recommend that you use it, and how you can make the most of this new resource.

What is a Leading Note?

Your new comprehensive reference for the deployment of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance reports is The Leading Note for the Argentina Value-Added Tax reports (DRC, formerly known as ACR). What the Leading Note gives you is

  1. A collective SAP Note: This one resource contains all the SAP Notes needed to implement your Argentina SAP Document and Reporting Compliance solution for Value-Added Tax reports.
  2. FAQs and helpful links: Find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as links to SAP Help Portal documentation and central SAP Document and Reporting Compliance resources.
  3. A live resource: The Leading Note is frequently updated with the most recent SAP Notes, FAQs, and links.

Why should I use a Leading Note?

By keeping all the pertinent SAP Notes in one location, the Leading Note helps you save time by ensuring that you never have to worry about missing a crucial update. The first place to go if you missed a previous or current implementation phase is here if you are experiencing trouble running your reports.

It has therefore never been simpler to guarantee the efficient operation of your SAP Document and Reporting Compliance solution because the Leading Note shows you the proper installation order for these SAP Notes.

Last but not least, you can occasionally have questions regarding how your product is being used. To help you with the most common questions, we’ve put up a collection of FAQs. Please open an incident in the SAP Support Portal for the FI-LOC-FI-AR-ACR component if your query is not addressed in our Leading Note. You will be assisting us in the future by contributing your question to the FAQs after it has been updated.

How do I use the Leading Note?

There are two steps you need to take to implement SAP Note 3103052 – DRC Argentina Value-Added Tax (VAT): Leading Note for Reports Implementation:

  1. Complete the prerequisite tasks listed in Question 2 of the FAQs, such as verifying the central requirements for the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance framework and SAP Fiori.
  2. Install the SAP Notes listed in SAP Note 3103052 – DRC Argentina Value-Added Tax (VAT): Leading Note for Reports Implementation in ascending order (start with “1”, then “2”, and upwards from there). Here’s a screenshot of the first few SAP Notes you need to install:

Regarding users that utilise a screen reader: A screenshot of SAP Note 3103052 is shown in the image, along with a table listing the SAP Notes you must execute in increasing order. The order of implementation is indicated by green boxes.

What else should I know?

The Leading Note for Argentina is a dynamic tool that incorporates the most recent SAP Notes and FAQs. In order to ensure the success of you and your implementation solution, I advise you to frequently review this SAP Note for updates.

For our Leading Note for Argentina, did you know that you can set up notifications so that you’ll be notified when changes are made? Did you also know that you may set up alerts for when a new SAP Note or KBA that applies to your region is released?

To learn how to get the most out of your experience with SAP Note and KBA.