It gives me great pleasure to provide the Note Principal for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what a Notea Principal is, why I recommend using one, and how to make the most of this new resource.

¿Qué es una Nota Principal?

A new resource that is essential for the implementation of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance is La Nota Principal para Per (DRC, anteriormente conocido como ACR). The main point will be as follows:

  1. Una Nota SAP colectiva: Hemos reunido todas las Notas SAP necesarias para implementar su solución Perú Document and Reporting Compliance (DRC, anteriormente conocido como ACR) en este único recurso.
  2. Preguntas frecuentes y enlaces útiles: Proporcionamos respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes, así como enlaces a la documentación del Portal de Ayuda (SAP Help Portal) y recursos centrales de SAP Document and Reporting Compliance.
  3. Un recurso activo: la Nota Principal se actualiza constantemente con las Notas SAP, preguntas más frecuentes y los enlaces más recientes.

¿Por qué debería utilizar una Nota Principal?

Due to the fact that a Nota Principal updates all pertinent SAP Notas in a single location, the user will save time by spending less time worrying about missing crucial updates. Check here first to see if there has been a recent or previous implementation step that has been skipped if you are having trouble running your reports.

It has never been so simple to ensure the proper execution of their solution for Per of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance because we also provide the proper installation order for these SAP Notas.

Finally, we acknowledge that you may have concerns about how your product is implemented. As a result, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you address the more frequent concerns that you may have. We advise opening an incident in the SAP Support Portal using the FI-LOC-FI-PE component if your question is not addressed in our SAP Principal Note. Later, your query will be added to a list of frequently asked questions, which will enable you to assist others in the future.

¿Cómo utilizo la nota principal?

  1. Complete los requisitos previos enumerados en la pregunta 2 de las preguntas frecuentes (Frequently Asked Questions), como la verificación de los requisitos centrales para SAP Document and Reporting Compliance framework y SAP Fiori.
  2. Instale las notas SAP enumeradas en la SAP Note 3206609 – DRC Peru: Leading Note for Reports Implementation en orden ascendente (comience por “1”, luego “2” y así sucesivamente). Esta es una captura de pantalla de las primeras notas SAP que debe instalar:

Regarding users that employ a screen reader: The image shows a screen capture of SAP Note 3206609 along with a table listing the SAP Notes that need to be implemented in ascending order. There are green cuadros that emphasise the order of implementation.

¿Qué más debería saber?

La Nota Principal para Per is an active resource that we update with new SAP Notas and frequent questions. As a result, we advise that he regularly check this SAP note to get new information so that his implementation goes off without a hitch.

Do you know that you can set up notifications for our Nota Principal for Per so that you will be notified when changes are made? And did you know that you may set up notifications for when a new SAP Note or KBA in a field that concerns you is released?