The Company is a Fortune 120 multinational pharmaceutical company.

The issue was that, like the majority of significant multinational corporations, this pharmaceutical manufacturer was operating operations throughout the world, including Brazil, from a SAP Center of Excellence. IT was always on call for day-to-day production support difficulties since outbound Nota Fiscal processes in Brazil are expected to be real-time or the truck is not allowed to depart the loading dock. Aside from the SAP setup, a print procedure, a middleware component, and specialised software for Nota Fiscal compliance, the internal Nota Fiscal solution they obtained contained a number of other components as well. Day-to-day production support challenges and outages were brought on by this complexity.

The leadership therefore began seeking for an alternate when the in-house solution threatened the financial team with non-compliance and the logistical teams with being unable to ship.

  • removed the current and future SAP production support and configuration difficulties
  • decreased support costs over time
  • gave them access to enterprise assistance in Portuguese and English so that both their local workers and corporate SAP staff could resolve their problems.
  • guaranteed adherence to any upcoming modifications
  • removed several systems and duplicate hardware

The Approach – This multinational pharmaceutical company was able to solve the current production support challenges while safeguarding their SAP system from potential problems by using a managed service provider with SAP ERP templates. The Latin America eInvoicing Network maintains connectivity for Brazil Nota Fiscal for Goods, NF for Services, CTe for Transportation Invoices, Mexico eFactura (CFD and CFDI), Argentina AFIP, etc. Changes to the local requirements are managed within the ERP templates, relieving you of the burden of constantly updating your SAP every time the local regulation changes.

The Takeaway: Don’t wait for a significant change before evaluating a managed service provider if you are currently experiencing production support issues with your in-house solutions. It can be difficult and expensive to handle internal software solutions for SAP Brazil Nota Fiscal. These costs include a variety of software solutions, maintenance fees, hardware maintenance fees, day-to-day production support, continuous change management, and update support. A managed service provider with a focus on SAP may make more sense for enterprises using Shared Business Services and/or single instances of SAP in order to reduce the ongoing stress on a daily and long-term basis as the law changes.