I’ve had the good pleasure to learn from hundreds of SAP instals in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina over the past five years. The top 3 lessons from the engagements I have witnessed are listed below; you should keep them in mind as you plan your SAP global rollouts and projects for Latin America.

  • SAP configuration is sometimes underrated — Many of these nations, particularly Brazil, have some of the world’s most complicated tax regulations, if not the most complicated. We observe that either the money or the timetable is underestimated in roughly 50% of the engagements.

Solution: Look for SAP Rapid Deployment Templates that are already configured. These can protect your SAP system against continuing changes brought on by your update cycles or legislative changes in addition to simplifying your configurations.

  • When running a centralised or regional instance of SAP, local country selection is frequently made for solutions. However, unlike European eInvoicing, Latin America WILL AFFECT your SAP configuration and cause problems for your management and COE processes.

Find solutions that can manage numerous countries on a single platform and consolidate your interfaces. Maintaining four local vendors who are unconcerned with your ERP upgrade or processes is as challenging as keeping up with various governments.

  • Without assessing support capacity, roughly 95% of discussions I have start with, “I wish we could speak with someone in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, depending on who is calling.” ERP systems frequently require support in local languages for the local teams and in English for the global teams, whether the systems are housed in US, Canadian, or European data centres. These support teams can serve as a buffer, preventing global teams from being embroiled in locally solvable problems.

Make sure your service providers offer help in English, Portuguese, and Spanish as a solution. Make sure the service includes phone support as well because you don’t want your warehouse to be waiting for a computer-generated ticket if your truck is unable to go.

Due to recent market acquisitions or changes in corporate strategy, many organisations are now dealing with pressing deadlines or IT projects. Don’t fall behind and end up having to postpone your projects; Latin America is a region that is seeing rapid expansion.