What a fascinating year it has already been. and another four months still remain.


We launched EhP6 updates for ERP CO, as well as improvements for our Modernized Finance User Experience as a whole, around the halfway point of the year.

On the ERP CO side, we provided new roles for the NW Business Client’s Internal Controller, Project Planner, and Cost Center Manager as well as new planning applications for project planning and cost estimation on projects, improvements to Express Planning, new master data user interfaces for cost centre, activity type, and internal orders with change requests, a new hierarchy maintenance user interface, and operational data providers for cost centre, order, production orders, and an operational data provider for cost centre.

The Business Suite Side Panels, UI improvements in a variety of apps (see above), Operational Data Providers, and Modernized User Interface were all delivered with EhP6. The NetWeaver Business Client, Embedded Analytics (EhP5), Simplified reporting and Power Lists (from EhP3), and business user focused reporting and analytics including via mobile are all available already. And just recently SP4 debuted alongside it, bringing more improvements.

Visit http://service.sap.com/businesssuite for additional information. What Changed in Q1 2012?


Our HANA Finance and Controlling Accelerators (in-memory) have undergone additional improvements, and they now include Profitability (Profitability lysis), Finance (New General Ledger, Classic General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Profit Center Accounting, Asset Accounting, Special Purpose Ledger), and Controlling (Overhead management, Project System, Investment Management, Material Ledger, Production Costing). The addition of the traditional general ledger and faster allocations, yes, accelerated allocations, were major enhancements.

With SAP RealSpend (mobile), we now have an awesome application in our solution portfolio that provides cost centre accounting and internal orders with business insight for discretionary costs directly from an iPad. There are plans for more data sources such project systems, profit centre accounting, and finances management.

Furthermore, SAP Net Margin Analysis (analytics) is now available with pre-defined, role-based dashboards and what-if analysis based on combined CO-PA, CO CCA, and PCM data to minimise direct and indirect costs and maximise overall net margin across all combinations of product, customer, sales organisation, and channel.

We will delve deeper into each of the innovation and enhancement areas over the upcoming months. This will be carried out on a biweekly basis by a number of solution management and product management personnel. Let us know if you have any requests for what to work on first. Need additional details on particular products or care to use? Get in touch with us by using the information below.

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