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SAP PP (Production Planning).

  • SAP is globally demanding ERP Software Provides different modules designed to meet industry requirements

  • SAP PP is Production Planning Module in SAP that looks after production related activities in SAP along with Integration with other SAP modules.

Course Details

  • SAP ERP Overview
    • Introduction to ERP
    • Introduction to SAP
    • Organization Structure in SAP ERP
    • SAP Implementation Methodology
    • Plan to Procure Process
    • Order to Cash Process
    • Plan to Production Process
    • Financial Implication of Procurement, Production and Sales
  • PLM114: Basic Data for Production
    • Organizational data related to production planning and manufacturing
    • Creating material master data and views required to support discrete and Managing changes to the material master
    • Functions and features of bills of material (BOMs) in detail
      • Standard BOM Functions
      • BOM maintenance and Reporting
    • Work center master data and views required to support discrete manufacturing
      • Capacity Data
      • Scheduling Data
    • Functions and features of Discrete manufacturing Task lists (standard routings) in detail
      • Routing Sequences
      • Operational Details
    • Task list Maintenance and reporting
  • SCM240: Production Planning in ERP
    • Overview of Production Planning in SAP ERP
      • Outlining the Supply Chain Planning Process
      • Outlining the Core Production Planning Process
    • Demand Management
      • Outlining Demand Management
      • Planning Make-to-Stock Production Without Consumption Logic
      • Planning Make-to-Stock Production with Consumption Logic
      • Analyzing Availability Checks
    • Material Requirements Planning Execution
      • Outlining Material Requirements Planning
      • Setting Up the MRP Prerequisites
      • Executing the MRP Run
      • Setting Up the MRP Run
      • Planning MRP Interactively
      • Applying Firming Mechanisms
    • Technical Processes of Requirements Planning
      • Calculating Net Requirements
      • Applying Buffers in Net Requirements Calculation
      • Calculating Lot Sizes
      • Selecting Procurement Types
      • Setting Up Basic-Date Scheduling
      • Setting Up Lead-Time Scheduling
    • MRP Results Processing and Evaluations
      • Comparing an MRP List and a Stock/Requirements List
      • Identifying Exception Messages
    • Additional MRP Processes
      • Setting Up MRP Areas
      • Applying MRP Areas
  • SCM310: Production Orders:
    • Order structure and processing
    • Order creation
    • Availability checks
    • Capacity Requirements Planning (Basics)
    • Order release
    • Printing order documents
    • Material withdrawal
    • Confirmations
    • Goods receipt
    • Order settlement
    • Archiving and deletion
    • Mass Processing and Information Systems
  • SCM360: Capacity Planning (ERP)
    • Integration of capacity planning
    • Analysis of capacity requirement
    • Maintenance of available capacity
    • Capacity Leveling
  • SCM300 : Other manufacturing Process Overview
    • Repetitive Manufacturing
    • Process Manufacturing
    • KANBAN
  • SAP PP Integration with Other Modules
    • SAP PP – SAP MM
    • SAP PP – SAP SD
    • SAP PP – SAP QM

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