I just observed the MASS Change does not assist because the descriptions are not currently available in a language that is needed to be updated when I was looking for some alternatives to construct “Short and Long Descriptions” for GL Accounts in Transaction FSP0 (Table SKAT). Only the existing Texts in a certain language can be changed with the use of MASS Change. Therefore, the best course of action is to develop an LSMW or an SECATT.

The creation, testing, and transfer of CATT are all rather straightforward processes that take very little time. Additionally, I had provided some advice on a few hidden great features in a previous article. Refer to the link below if you’d like.

In order to upload the Short and Long Description using Transaction “FSP0” (Table SKAT), SECATT is useful. Only the “final page” arrow, as seen in the following screen, needs to be used during recording. Press the “Last Page” button, then enter the language and description in the appropriate short and long text as needed before saving the recording, for instance, if we need to change the description in German.

The ECATT would seem as follows after the recording is finished and after the parameters have been updated:

The example upload file is provided below for quick reference as well as to aid in the execution of a test cycle.

Use Case in Other Transactions:

Like FI Transaction ‘FBR2’, SECATT could be utilised in a variety of additional scenarios (Post with Reference and also to generate reverse postings). This is beneficial in the context of configuration, and it can be used, for instance, to adjust OH percentages in CO Config Transaction KZZ2 (Define Percentage Overhead Rates). CATT can also be used in additional transactions like NACR, OBC*, etc. Transaction ‘VKOA’ is another illustration (Assign GL Accounts for SD Account determination). In this instance, the Table with prefix “C” should be used in place of Transaction “VKOA.” Table 001 in the VKOA will be C001, for instance, and this table can be changed using transaction SM31. Transaction SM31 can be used for recording as well.This is necessary since, unlike in the details screen, with VKOA there isn’t a way to select the necessary table using the “Position” button in the first screen.

As a result, we are able to improvise and make the most of the CATT Tool. Those who were interested could look into other choices.


The CATT Script may be transferred by standard Transports as well as downloaded from one environment and uploaded to another (for instance, from Sandbox to Development or Quality).

The main purpose of this blog is to assist those who are unfamiliar with the CATT Tool. I hope this facilitates your daily functionalities.