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If you are working on fixed asset business processes as part of a SAP S/4HANA Cloud project, you may be wondering how and where to access status information on the fields that appear in asset master records from various asset classes.

Once you have confirmed the configuration settings, you won’t find the possibility to examine and alter the control of the fields necessary for the fixed asset master record, either in Manage Your Solution or in Central Business Configuration. What options do we thus have?

Let’s first go through how the fields that are filled in when building fixed assets are determined by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud System.

As you are presumably aware, asset classes to which fixed assets belong are always defined when creating fixed asset master records.

The Asset Master Layout can be found in the setting of asset classes (Configuration step: Define Asset Class, SSCUI 102606).

Pre-delivered Asset Classes, Image 1

When we create a fixed asset within App Manage Fixed Asset, the fields status defined in Asset Master Layout will be retrieved.

There are the following Asset Master Layouts available right now:

The fields in each of these asset master layouts are listed along with their status, such as invisible, optional, obligatory, or read-only.

Access to fields like description and cost center that are a part of the Asset Master Layout is what is missing from this overview.

I was able to find comprehensive details on the fields and their state in an unexpected place, namely the Data Migration section of the SAP Help for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Look up the migration object Fixed Asset – Master Data in the SAP Help portal’s Data Migration > Migration objects for SAP S/4HANA Cloud section.

You may locate fields that are defined for an asset class in the chapter “Available fields per Asset Class.” This will assist you in populating the asset data migration template. Please look under “Field properties,” where you can find details on each layout’s Asset Master data, including:

Field layout Description for the field
Layout field property (Read-Only, Mandatory, Invisible)
An excerpt of the Asset Master Layout SAP COMPUTERS fields is provided below:

This blog post should have answered your query on where to look in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for information on field status groups and field statuses of predefined asset classes.

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Fixed Asset – Master Data can be found under SAP Help > Data Migration > Migration Objects for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.