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Check to be printed with a “Third Party” vendor using Transaction Code F110 or F-58 for updating the Alternative Payee in the invoice document. It is standard business procedure for suppliers to contact their customers at the eleventh hour to request payment to a “Third Party” for unpaid debts.

When a third party vendor needs to be created as a business partner last-minute, the feature below can be employed (master data). Simply adding an alternative payee, address, bank information, etc. to the invoice document can function, etc.


In order to enter a different payee during invoice posting or on the update document screen, the field “Payee in Document” in the Business Partner master record (T.Code BP) should be checked.

Master record for business partners:-

Entry of Invoice – FB60:

The aforementioned check box will only turn on the “Individual Payee” field when an invoice is entered or changed.

When the “Individual payee” checkbox is selected, a new screen appears where an alternative payee’s information can be entered.

All fields necessary from a payment viewpoint are present on the screen and can be filled in in accordance with the specifications of the chosen payment method, for example, if a bank transfer is chosen, then banking information is needed.

It will be sufficient to update the necessary information because we are processing check payments.

When a document is posted and the payee’s information is changed, the payee’s name appears in the “Individ. Set the field as shown below, in red:

Using Transaction FB02, Payee information can also be changed at a later time after the document has been posted.

Table of Document Updates:

Table BSEC will reflect any updates made to Alternative Payee (One-Time Account Data Document Segment)

Transactions for Automatic Payment:

Execute Automatic Payment Run – F110 at this time.

Add the following parameters:

Execute the proposal:

Verify the proposal log by:

The ‘Name of the payee’ box shows that Alternative Payee has been updated.

Start the payment run by:

Plan the “Print-out”:

Check the job log for any errors.

Look for checks printed in SP01 in the spool: (Alternative Payee is printed on the check)

Alternative Payee information is updated in Check Register (FCHN) for the following payment document numbers:


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