How to construct a user exit for substitution and validation. There are requirements from time to time that we can only fulfil with the aid of the technical staff. Here, I’ll describe how a functional man can create some simple user exits and request that the ABAP team build the right logic.


The purpose of this paper is to list and explain each step involved in the user exit during validation and substitution. Additionally, this document will serve as a vital communication for those who wish to learn more about the possibilities offered by ABAP’s Validation & Substitution.

Audience: The functional consultant will benefit from this.


T code GGB1

Make a rule for substitution like ZXXXXXXX

Create a condition that the rule must satisfy.

In your replacement, mention the user departure.

Standard programmes for Validation and Substitution are already available; we must duplicate them, create our own Z programmes, and assign these Z programmes to the Application area.

T code GXC2

RGGBR000 – GBLR (Validation-Standard)

RGGBS000 in GBLS (Substitution-Standard)

Using ABAP, implement your logic in the Z application using the aforementioned user exit.

For reference, I am mentioning the standard here.

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