Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22th August 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22th August 2021 The Episode begins offevolved with Mukesh asking Sirat to require his offer, else her profession will end, one blame is sufficient to interrupt a boxer’s recognize and name, Sirat you had eliminated the bangles and worn gloves, you’ll want to place on handcuffs now. Sirat receives angry. Kartik and Sirat click . He says we will communicate at a couple of different club, or lease personal teach for training. She says no want, braveness and hardwork are wanted for practice, don’t you think me. He says i think you, however now not things . She says i will be able to punch the opponent hard. He receives hit. She says sorry. He says health practitioner team of workers messaged, he stated health practitioner will return on duty. She says i will be able to come along. Dadi asks them to return back for rasam. Kartik asks did you are doing the rasam so far .
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Dadi says no, Guru ji stated it’s going to be finished anytime. Everyone asks Kartik and Sirat to try to to the rasam. Dadi says you all make your other halves placed on the mangalsutra now. Manish and Akhilesh whole the rasam. Kartik takes the mangalsutra for Sirat. Dadi asks him to form Sirat placed on it. Sirat cries. Kartik says yes. The mangalsutra breaks down. Dadi concerns and says its a horrific omen. Kartik says no, it’d be horrific if it broke after Sirat worn it, if we bought this, then patron may need given horrific feedback. Surekha asks how did it break. Kartik says it’d have a vulnerable hook, its precise omen now, don’t worry, we will do the rasam later, there could be many mahurats in future. Suwarna says he’s proper. Sirat selections the black beads.

She says many thanks Kartik, you stored me. He says I had to interrupt this mangalsutra. She says whilst marriage isn’t true, then how should you’re making me placed on this. He says strange, once during a while we do proper and it seems proper. They collide and smile. She says statue. She goes and says over. Its morning, Vansh asks why are you asking Sirat to pick out and drop you. Kairav says i want to spend an honest deal time together with her . Vansh says ready to “> she will be able to live here, she got married to Kartik, are you hiding some thing from me. Surekha seems on. Sirat comes and says we met after 6 months, so we’d like to compensate, cross and alter , I gets the food. Kartik says many thanks for listening of Kairav.

Manish says no want to try to to that again, college trustee mentioned as and requested how did I ship undertrial crook to the school , if she is visible there again, then he’s getting to expel our youngsters . She says I won’t cross, i will be able to provide an evidence for Kairav. He says we will provide an evidence for him. Kartik says sorry Sirat, very quickly their mouths gets close whilst your innocence is proved. Manish says you stated 7 days, within the future is over, you merely show it as you promised, cross and acquire proof. Kartik says we haven’t any hobby in arguments, i want the truth to return back out, I m additionally blamed, i want to additionally now not visit the school , you won’t inform this to me, thanks to the very fact I m your son, you like me, I recognize you’re taking care folks you’ll aid us, our braveness gets doubled. Guard says an individual has come to satisfy you and Sirat. Kartik says fine. He asks Manish to reflect onconsideration thereon . Sirat says you didn’t communicate to Manish well. Kartik goes together with her . Dadi says Kartik is asking for you to assist his wife, you would like to think. The boxer introduces himself as Sikandar Singh. He says I recognize everything, I noticed the knowledge and heard Mukesh speakme yesterday, i will be able to teach Sirat.

Kartik says many thanks we will locate every other case. Kartik says you misplaced to Mukesh, capsules case goes for walks on you. Sirat says I additionally examine horrific matters approximately you. Sikandar asks worse than poisoning husband, is that true, there are numerous matters written at internet . He says our tale is same, so I came here, I became famous, I became framed in steroid case and my profession ended, i decided to show you, i will be able to cause you to win and take my revenge, its your desire now. She says I agree, you would like to play a healthy with me. Kartik says don’t take chance, you’ll get a better teach. She says you furthermore mght took chance approximately me. He says fine. Sikandar trains Sirat withinside the healthy. He asks her to reveal passion, use anger on the right time, manage thoughts in conjunction with the body, maintain a watch on opponent’s movement. He hits Sirat. She falls. Kartik scolds him. Sikandar says nobody pities in boxing. Sirat says he’s proper, I wasn’t focussing. Kartik cares for her. Something goes in his eye. She cares for him. Yeh rishta kya….plays….
Naksh sends a voice message, we can’t come there, Gayu you come back back over to tie the rakhi. Naksh says Kartik has hidden an outsized issue from us. Sirat asks him now not to be irritated with Kartik.